Cursed To The Alpha Chapter 44


I can hear my pack members talking out the front of the house as we get closer. The boy's hand is still tucked in mine, yet I can’t seem to pull away from him.

When he looked up at me, his look made something twist in my gut. Then, when we break through the treeline, I hear them stop behind me.

The she-wolf sniffs the air and instantly starts backing away. The boy looks over his shoulder at her, and the other two are standing, just in the shadows of the trees.

“Are there children to play with?” The boy suddenly asks me.

“No,” I tell him and shake my head. There is no reason for me to lie to them.

Both wolves growl behind me.

“Jonah, come here,” The young girl says as she waves him over.

Her hair is cut short, and if I couldn’t smell her scent, I would have mistaken her for a boy. Her brown doe eyes shine with fear of the small child standing beside me.

The chatter of my pack seems to stop, but I can hear the crackle of the fire pit that sits out the front of the house an
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