Cursed To The Alpha Chapter 45


Donnie whimpers loudly in my head. We both know she has hurt herself.

“Stop, Sage, he will be back soon. He will calm down,” I hear Zane speaking to her.

“I’m right here,” I tell them coming up behind them, and Zane jumps.

It’s clear he’s so overtaken by trying to calm Sage that he doesn’t hear me enter the house. Sage looks around him, her eyes all puffy and her face blotchy. Her eyes are bloodshot, and she sniffles.

“Did you? Did you find them?” she asks, her voice breaks mid-sentence.

“I did,” I tell her, she drops her head in her hands.

Zane sucks in a breath as he stands up and steps aside. I slowly crouch beside Sage and place my hand on her shoulder while Zane watches us worriedly. “They are out the front of the house,” I tell her, and her head snaps up.

“What?” Sage’s eyes are wider than I have ever seen before.

“They are children except one of them. You should come out and meet them.” I tell her, as softly as I can. Sage looks at Zane worriedly.

“They’re alive?”
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Mary McMahon
Yay!!!! Andrei held it together

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