Cursed To The Alpha Chapter 46


Everyone is excited to have a few new faces around the pack. Everyone is buzzing as they finish roasting marshmallows and start cleaning up.

Yet looking around, I can’t see Andrei anywhere, and he has been missing for about twenty minutes. I know he is struggling big time after he brought the kids here.

I can feel his guilt and hatred. Those two emotions constantly attempt to grip dominance over the other, but the guilt keeps returning as a never-ending tug of war within him.

When I feel someone tugging on my shirt, I look down to find Jonah. The boy looks rather funny with sticky marshmallows all over his face. “Have you seen Mr. Andrei?” He asks, looking around as worry crosses his features.

I am quite surprised by how obsessed he is with Andrei. While the other kids keep their distance, this one is acting like a tiny magnet, refusing to let my mate get out of his view.

Until Andrei managed to sneak off, I noticed that Jonah has been attached to his hip. Zane tried to expl
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Mary McMahon
Finally yay Sage and Andrei

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