Cursed To The Alpha Chapter 47


My hands slide to his chest. My palms tingle and an overwhelming need to get closer to him rushes over me. However, I am not sure if it is because of my emotions and needs or if it is because of Andrei.

I can feel his excitement through the bond and against the inside of my leg. It startles me, even though I knew what to expect, I pull away to break the kiss. I try to get off his lap, but he holds me there, and my heart rate picks up as fear starts to seep into me.

“It’s just my reaction to you being this close, Sage. We have talked about this so many times. It doesn’t mean anything more will happen,” Andrei whispers to reassure me.

He is right. We have been through, and over this so many times. I can’t believe I still find myself in a situation where I get this scared about something so familiar.

“Please don’t back out, Sage,” Sierra whimpers in my head.

“Sage?” Andrei whispers my name, pulling my attention back to him.

As I look into his eyes, I relax and breathe. Intense
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