Blessed To The Luna Chapter 1


The excitement still feels fresh, my entire body is buzzing. All that, and more, because I know that now, Sage is mine and officially the pack’s Luna.

I am woken by her wrapping her body around mine as she gets comfortable in her sleep. Her leg hooks over my waist, and I am more than content with the thought of remaining in bed with her all day, snuggled up close to her.

We are finally getting somewhere, and she trusts me. If she didn't, Sage would never have agreed to let me mark her or asked me to do it.

That knowledge alone is enough to make my blackened heart leap with joy. Rolling on my side to face her, I brush her hair over her shoulder to admire my mark that lies etched into her flesh. I don’t think there is anything more rewarding or exciting than the sight of my mark, showing the entire world that she is mine. Mine and mine alone.

I brush my fingers over it, and she shivers, her eyes flutter open, and a sleepy smile spreads across her lips.

“Morning,” she whispers
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omg I just loves little ones

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