Blessed To The Luna Chapter 2

“Mr. Andrei!” The voice gets louder, and Sage giggles.

“Jonah likes you,” she points out, her lips twitching.

“He can’t help it,” I sigh as I roll my eyes at the unexpected visit of what I assume is now my new best friend. And yet, as annoying as it is, I know it isn’t the boy’s fault, and I can’t blame him for anything.

Children, especially orphans, are drawn to auras they feel to be safest near. However, why he gets that from me is beyond me. I am far from approachable, even I know that.

I get up, move to the window to wave him off or spot someone to tell him to go away. Only when I toss back the curtain, he is at the window, nearly making me jump out of my skin as he balances on the ledge on the second floor. Sage shrieks, scrambling to cover herself with the blanket.

“Jonah, what the heck are you doing? How did you get up here?” I demand, both terrified and amazed at the same time. This little brat is something else.

“The ladder,” he says, and I look out the window for a ladde
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So I nearly peed myself laughing so hard. I love Jonah already and hope they adopt him.

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