Blessed To The Luna Chapter 3


As soon as we finish showering, to my displeasure, Sage leaves for training. I had a couple of things on my mind as my hands slid over her body in the shower, but I suppose we have enough time to fulfill those fantasies later.

“Patience, Andrei, we’re still on thin ice with her,” Donnie snaps at me out of nowhere. I can’t say I am surprised by this, so I don’t react to his words.

I am aware of this fact. I know she needs time, and so do I, at least in a sense. Besides, I shouldn’t feel worried about anything, we marked each other. Now, our forever after begins.

While my amazing mate is busy learning new skills, I walk outside and head to check the packages that the couriers have dropped off.

Recently, we had to order a few new traps. Of course, Sage disagreed with it when I brought the issue up, and she isn’t very supportive of the fact now that they are delivered either.

But, she swears up and down that she understands that safety precautions are highly necessary, regard
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Mary McMahon
Jonah is a little turd.....I love him!!!
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Deborah Savoia-Pearl
Just gotta love Jonah. Poor Andrei.
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