Chapter 1 – And then there was… tragedy

Unknown POV

It was darkness surrounding me. No… I was in a dark place. My heart just couldn’t accept that. My mind knew what I should do but deep down I felt… conflicted. He was the killer of my father, my aunt, and uncle, and my foolish cousins. People I know since I was born, were no more. Our entire clan was wiped out of this world. A prestigious clan that hunted supernatural creatures. Night Raven Hunters… gone for good.

And here I was on my wedding day, planning to kill him. He caused this, he did this to me. I was blinded by revenge when I found out what happened.

I still remember my father’s dead body on the wall inside his office, nailing his hands down through his wrists, and his feet through his ankles. An arrow over his forehead, and around his head. Like his attackers played a game… Or my mother’s lifeless form on my father’s desk, her skirt pulled up by her hips. Exposed to the world to the intimate parts of her body. Bloody, and white with seminal fluids and a huge red cut on her neck…

I don’t want to but I have to remember them. That fuels my vengeance. It was him and his dirty dogs… I planned everything, although I didn’t have much time.

I only knew him for a short time, I thought he was different. I thought even he was a werewolf, he was nice to me, he was… sweet. My heart ached for the betrayal he caused. He knew who I was and instead of killing me, he played me. He massacred my family, my parents… but why? And why did he say we were mates? He wanted to lure me, kill my family and reject me, torture me? I don’t want to believe it but I saw the evidence. I have to do this.

I felt different since yesterday. I felt more agile, faster and every moment now, I can feel my anger surfacing… I can’t pretend for long. I have to get this over with.

I felt something click in place in me, as I walked slowly to the altar. There was he in his greatest glory, watching me, smiling at me, driving me crazy… I begin to doubt if I can do this… No, Beth, you have to do thishe caused the death of your clan. Revenge is the only thing you can think of now. But his magnetic green eyes are drawing me in. He speaks with his eyes, almost hearing what he says. You’re beautiful, Beth! I waited a long time for you. I didn’t want to be mated to a werewolf. I wanted an ordinary life, and still, I was pushed to be a hunter. I hated being a hunter, but I didn’t have much left…

When I arrived beside him, he raised my veil over my head. And I tried to smile naturally. In my hands, is my wedding bouquet. His green eyes searched mine, and his hand caressed my face.

Are you alright, love? – his entire expression changed into worry as he asked me. No, I wanted to say, you made me an orphan, homeless, and made me a hunter… I wanted to shout, but I just smoothed my smile and forced myself to change my expression.

I’m alright. um… - I whispered – I’m just nervous – and gave him a weak smile. He seemed relaxed and kissed my forehead.

Can I tell you a secret? – he asked cheekily. Oh God, I thought to myself. If he confesses now, I will definitely lose it. I nodded, and he gave me a half smile.

I’m nervous too – he whispered not far from my lips. He definitely seemed genuine. I had a bad feeling, I felt like it was some kind of mistake. I should have asked him if he did it. No, Beth, I scolded myself, he would lie. I reminded myself, that werewolves were vicious creatures. Besides, dad always said, to believe in the evidence. He also said destiny choose me. Well, he was actually right…

He took my trembling hands, and I just looked at his face. Like it was carved to perfection. Sharp jaw, soft features with eyes that penetrates your soul. He looked back at me and said: - It’s time, Beth! – and I just stood there dumbfounded. Then his face came closer and closer, and his inviting lips touched mine. Fireworks erupted in my belly, one of his hands cupped my neck, and the other pulled my waist closer to him. I was almost drowned in that perfect bliss, then my mind pushed forward my parents’ face… and this time I didn’t hesitate.

Pulled a dagger out of my bouquet and shoved it deep into my mate’s chest. He let me go and just stared at me in disbelief. He clutched the dagger with one of his hands, and still, looked at me.

"Beth… why?" – he asked, his voice strained.

"Because you betrayed me" – I said in a stern voice – "And I don’t like games" – stared at him and shouted. He tried to say something, but only rattled sounds were heard.

I turned around to prepare myself for the next task when I felt a sharp pain in my heart. I gasped, and stared in disbelief, searching for my attacker. My mate, Ryker has a bodyguard, Andreas. He set that arrow to my heart. I fell to my knees and felt my anger rising alongside something bigger.

I heard him, gasp then said:

-"What’s… happening?" – I turn my head towards him, I coughed blood up but still felt that power within me. I felt another arrow penetrating my back, and heard chanting in some unearthly language.

I saw Ryke gasp and shout:

"No, stop it!" – his voice was strained, but he couldn’t stop.

"Stop… it, Eliana!" – he turned his face to me.

"Please…" - his eyes on me, full of tears, but I knew he didn’t beg me. "I want to explain…" - my eyes raised from my hands to his eyes.

"So, it is true…" - and I unleashed it. I screamed, and everything became dark around us. I felt my skin become hotter and I just stared at Ryker, as I slowly stood up. After two steps, I was in front of him. Pulled the dagger out of his chest, and he looked at me like he has just seen me for the first time. Then collapsed to the ground, he was trembling, but still, raised his eyes to me.

"Beth… please… talk… to me" – he said, straining.

"I don’t want to talk to the likes of you" – I said, almost in a whisper. I saw something in his eyes. Was it hurt? It angered me more, I took my weapon between my two hands, raised it over my head, and with a fast move, I brought it down to his back… but before I could stab him, an earth-shattering scream was heard, and had to close my ears with my hands and kneel in front of his frame.

"Eliana…" - I heard Ryker faintly – "Stop… it…" - and that moment, I felt my eyes bulge out and something sticky came out of them. I coughed heavily and saw red liquid pouring out my mouth. I fell to the ground, shaking violently. I didn’t feel anything else just choking on my own blood.

The last thing I heard was someone screaming beside me, trying to grab my shaking hands, then everything went black…

Eliza POV

I awake with a sharp inhale. I clutched my chest with one of my hands. I coughed a few times. When I calmed myself, I reached for the glass on my night chest of drawers.

Every night the same dream. Every night with so much intensity. And lately, it was like I actually feel what happens in my dreams. The pain, the hopelessness, the doubt…

Sometimes it feels like a ticking time bomb. And if it blows up, so much shit will pile up in my life. And I don’t need more shit than I am in already.

I look at the clock on my nightstand. It’s 2:26. I have 4 more hours before my timer start to ring. Problem is, I am already up and can’t sleep back. So, I get up, turn my lamp on, take some steps towards the kitchen, open the fridge and take a water bottle out. Then go to my bookshelf and get my notebook off. I go back to bed, open my notebook and start to write.

I write about supernatural creatures, like werewolves, vampires, dragons, and witches. Some days earlier I had a vision or something like that and started to write about this Alpha werewolf who also happens to be a vampire. A hybrid in the mids of war, betrayal, and heartbreak.

A story where he finds his mate and a misunderstanding rips her from his side. Wonder what the cards of fate hold in his favor…

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