…To her surprise and great relief, the pain never came as she heard a dull thud that sounded like something hitting the ground. Uncertainly, she opened one eye to take a peek.

She was expecting to see a large pool of blood with her severed hands engulfed in it.

Perhaps the shock of the blow had caused her to not feel any pain whatsoever.

However, that was not the case.

There was no blood, severed hands, or even the gleaming axe that was supposed to have slammed down on her wrist joint.

As she peeked, she was shocked to notice the axe stuck in the ground a few feet away from the stone slab on which her hands lay.

There was no way in hell that the long, dark-haired brute's grip had slipped to the point of the axe flying away to land where it did.

She wondered if the strange energy that she had felt within her when Indah had tried to kill her had finally unleashed its potent fury but she could still feel the gaping hollow in her chest. The unbridled force that had thrashed and rumb
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