011 - I'm Taking Her Home


Beast growled, opening his mouth so wide that his breath was blowing on me. I pinched my nose with my two fingers and giggled as I waited for him to stop with his growling and began teasing him.

"Your breath stinks. Who did you eat? Alpha Ethan?" I asked in a low voice before I reached for his head way above me and patted him gently. "Good boy… Now Alpha Stone can’t give me to him."

I had no idea why I was telling him this when I knew Alpha Stone could hear it too. Well, he knew I didn’t want to be with Alpha Ethan, but I just wanted to make it clear.

Beasts whimpered before he started licking my face again, and my hands went to his jaw, trying to hold on to him because he was slightly pushing me backward. He has a strong, hard tongue, and I wondered if Alpha Stone had one as well.

Oh, the things he could do with a strong and hard tongue! That would be amazing.

I was still reveling in my dirty thoughts of the Alpha when, all of a sudden, my hands moved on their own, almost
Cassandra M

Here's the first one. ***A violent act will occur in the next chapter, but not against a woman. RE: Cesar's Punishment***

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Michelle Lam
really enjoying this book.
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This is a good book
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I love Lucy so much!!! I love when she forgets herself and is badass before…oops, she remembers she has to act like an Omega. I love her!

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