092 - The Other Demon Prince


She pulled away from kissing me as her eyes widened, and tears began pooling on them as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. I was not sure if she was realizing something or not.

"Do you think you’re dreaming? Or having a nightmare?" She asked.

"No," I replied curtly before recapturing her mouth and kissing her bruisingly hard, putting everything I felt for her into the kiss.

I didn’t give her time to ask me more. I would face Lucius’ wrath if I needed to. My female was back in my arms - if she needed my assurance that I loved her, I would do and say it without any second thoughts.

"Aaah…" Lucy moaned wantonly as my lips trailed down her neck while my hand trailed down her body until it cupped her wet core. Despite the absence of the smell of her arousal, her dripping pussy was enough to tell me how much she wanted me.

I inserted two fingers inside her and began finger fucking her, hard and deep, while I sucked on her breasts, flicking, biting, and pulling he
Cassandra M

Here's the second one. Thank you for waiting and reading! P.S: I have an ongoing give-away (raffle) on my s o c m e d i a account. Find me and join the raffle, lovelies! ❤

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goodnovel comment avatar
We are so near the cleansing. i hope the stpry doesnt end there... I want more Lucy and Adan
goodnovel comment avatar
The waiting is killing me I need more…
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Lori Ramsdell
I loved reading her and Adan begin together again! It’s a-shame that their time was cut short! I’m glad Lucy held her strength and had her sharp Mind tongue with her when she meet her father and brother”G”and her father. Thank you for the update! Looking forward to more!

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