Aaron Samuel

I lost my memory after the incident. I could remember how badly I treated her and her family. I wasn't ready to listen to her. I hated her because I was not left with any of her memories again except Cynthia's. I can't believe, I let Cynthia control my heart toward my wife.

My wife?

Did I just at, my wife? The same wife I divorced already?

I started having therapy the past 2 months and finally! I regained my memory back but, what I heard next made my whole heart go numb.

I was alarmed by the look on my mom's face and, calling out my brother's name in such a panic tone scared the shit out of me at that moment. "What happened to, Nathan?." He's the only brother I've got, I would not want anything bad to happen to him. Putting that aside, he has always been there for my wife. Always supported her and cared for her. Not only her but, also my friends and their wives too. When I was a jerk to her, they stood there for her.

I owe them a lot.

"You see, Aaron... We... We kinda r
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