Chapter 30


“Why don’t we get rid of her? We can just annihilate her and end the whole problems I don’t know what you are stressing yourself about keeping that ugly duckling” Zooey pitches while she follows behind me

I halt and turn to her. She has a contorted face of disdain and anger. It’s more like she even hates Ivy than I do.

“You do not need to worry about that. I have my reasons for still keeping her alive. I am even more pissed having her around, but then it’s for a purpose and as soon as it is conducted, I’d get rid of her” I explain and place a nod.

“If you say so then, left to me alone, j would not have saved her from the Silver and wolfsbane cut. I don’t know why, I just hate her for no reason” she persists and frowns. “Trust me, I hate her more, but I have something very important I need her for '' I smile and shrug.

“Okay then” she shrugs and we continue our walk. “ do keep an eye on her because I just have this instinct that she is going to try something stupid. So
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