Stranger things

"Killian, I need you to take her around while I explain to the Pack chiefs." Damian said to Killian his Beta.

"Would they understand?" Killian sighed.

"Why shouldn't they?" Damian growled.

"Because you did something you don't normally do. You have never brought in a stranger before." Killian pointed out.

"She was alone and…"

Damian felt Kimberly's presence so he sealed his lips and swallowed the remaining words.

Kimberly walked into the big living area. She tugged at the gown she wore. It was big for her but much better than the gown she wore last night.

"I'm ready." She said to him.


The Alpha had told his Beta, Killian, to take her around the town while he had a meeting with his visitors and that was what they were doing.

Suddenly the hairs on her back stood on alert. She felt something like she had felt in the woods. Kimberely turned around immediately. No one suspicious was there. But why was she having a feeling that someone was watching her? 

"Are you alright?" Killian asked. 

Her face was pale already. She knew this feeling. She knew it was either Matt or one of his minions. So they hadn't left after all? Her mind raced in her chest. Damian wasn't here.

 Was Killian strong enough to fight Matt? She wondered as they walked through the market.

"Are you ok? You look pale." Killian asked once more.

 "No, I'm not." she decided to tell him. 

"What is it?" He was concerned

"I feel someone watching me. I just can't pinpoint the person." She told him. 

Killian chuckled to her amazement.

"Damian made sure they left already, they can't be here," He said in disbelief.

"But I can…" 

"Do you know Damian at all? No one dares cross him. Your pack can't find you anymore, I assure you that you are safe with us," Killian interrupted her.

However, her panic didn't reduce. It only made her tense.

"Red Moon Pack will pay dearly if they hurt you," he assured her. 

She faked a smile once more and nodded at him. She could keep up with the facade till she found out if it was true or not. She didn't want to raise an unnecessary alarm.

Kimberly looked back once more. The market was filled with regular people. They went to a jewelry shop. She bent to pick up a pair of studs.

"They look so good." She gasped.

Then she realised Killian wasn't paying attention to what she said. He darted his eyes to her after some seconds.

"I have to run some errands for Damian. Will you wait for me here?" He asked her.

She almost spoke the truth. She wanted to follow him wherever he was going but what would he think of her?

"And if you get bored, you can go back to the castle, however, I won't be there long," He added.

"You can go, Killian. I will be safe. I can even go back to the castle myself," Kimberely assured him.

Killian nodded and left immediately. He would get the mission done as soon as possible and get back to take her.

It took every ounce of her strength to let him go.

Kimberely looked around, she still had that gnawing feeling in her. The person hadn't left. 

 Kimberely pushed the thoughts away to the back of her mind as she walked around the path. Although she kept looking back frantically.

After some minutes, she made up her mind.

 She had to get to the castle safely. That was her priority. Killian wasn't forthcoming.

She turned on the path that led to the castle, watching her back frantically. Someone was following her, she was sure of it. Kimberley held the hems of her gown.

 She dashed through the market pushing down some people and running into some. All were in a bid to escape. She would be dead before sunrise if Matt caught her again.

There would be no mercy. The shadow man followed her. She turned to the next path to her left. She didn't know where she was going. All she knew was that she was heading somewhere.

She paused to catch her breath. That was when she saw it written in black ink on the wall before her.

"Leave the city or it will be your doom. This is a warning," It read.

Goosebumps rose on her pale skin as she gasped. The world had just seemed to stop for a moment, the air seeming frozen, her lungs unable to take in enough oxygen to breathe.

Fear ran through her spine and she clutched the hem of her gown tightly. She narrowed her eyes at the wall. 

Kimberely looked back. No one was there. Who had written this and was the warning meant for her? She wondered.

"Kimberely! Why did you run off like that!?" Killian growled in anger. 

He had thought she was lost already.

The man who pursued her had disappeared into thin air. She pointed to the wall. 

"Look what is written there, I think it's for me," 

"Are you ok? Nothing is on the wall," Killian gestured to the wall. 

Kimberely blinked thrice. It had gone off like it wasn't there. Had she been seeing a vision? What would Killian think of her? She had seen it.

She looked around and there was no suspicious movement. It wasn't enough that she raised an alarm about someone watching her. 

She had just shown him an empty wall in her state of frenzy. Was her mind playing tricks on her? She had seen it there so why did it wipe off?

She opened her mouth to say a few words but closed it. Killian wouldn't believe her since she had no proof. She had to speak with caution or it would make her look like a liar to Killian.

 "I will need to tell Damian of your fears but for now, we need to go back to the castle," Killian informed her.

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