Casey finally comes back with a tray of clubhouse sandwiches, chips, and cups of coffee. The delightful scent of each awakens my almost sleepy senses.

“What did I miss?” she asks.

“Take a seat, Case. We were talking about the plan for rescuing Oliver,” Cassius answers and his sister takes the seat on my other side.

“Do we have a lead?” she wonders. “Something much better than before?”

“We do,” Cassius replies. “We’re close, Case.”

She sighs in relief. “Then thank God.”

Everyone takes a cup, then Brandon hands me the one with a latte and a piece of sandwich. I smile at the sweet gesture. “Thank you.” I sniff at the coffee.

He sneaks a kiss to my temple and bites his food. I can almost hear him sigh. My poor man must be starving.

“Arianna, aren’t you supposed to enlighten us about something?” Brandon says.

“Oh.” My sister sips her coffee and nods. “Yeah, I suppose I will.” She places her cup down, then picks up a chip. “So, I tried to make him open up, I asked him about his other busine
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