The purple clouds start to adorn the sky; Brandon decides we should get back to the coast. John is waiting for us as promised, then he drives us to the villa. I can agree now on why Brandon needs him present all the time. The man is attentive and patient.

I go to the kitchen like a habit, expecting to find Lydia, but the house is empty, and I don’t see her housekeepers either. I am about to turn back, but Brandon abruptly catches me by my waist—gasping in surprise when he swiftly lifts me to the counter. He presses his body between my legs, spreading me wide. He stares fondly with a half-smile.

“Um.” I clear my throat. “Where is everybody?”

“Lydia is back at the dojo resting, so it’s just you and me tonight,” he says hoarsely, and the tension between us is suddenly thick.

Brandon draws his face, making my face inclined to the side, and he starts kissing my neck softly. My eyes flutter as the sensation alone begins to invade my whole body. I can’t help but let a moan escape. I feel his
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