Episode 32

Lilia laid still on her bed as the incident that unfolded between her and the caveman filled her mind. With her restless eyes, her mind went back to the night he transformed into a wolf, a night that she wants to forget so badly.

"Adolphus' ' she whispered to herself, his name crawling into her like a poisonous snake, an addictive music that cannot be turned off.

"Adolphus" she mumbled again, the name sounds familiar and she was sure that she had heard the name somewhere.

Confused, she got out of her bed, opened a little bookshelf by the side of the mirror in her vast bedroom. Most women in the kingdom didn't know how to read or write but she was taught how to by the royal professor as it is mandatory for a princess to be able to be educated formally in every aspect.

With her eyes fixed on the books in front of her, she ransacked through the bookshelf, glancing at one book after another. Suddenly, her eyes rested on a book with a brown cover standing untouched at the top shelf. Carefu
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