Cara's eyes widened. She bit her lips and with shaking hands, she accepted the call.

"H...ello," Cara whispered, catching the leather seat of the car tightly.

"How is your husband now?" Kim asked in response to her Hello.

"He is recovering well." Cara replied stiffly.

"Master wants to meet you, Cara. Your driver is aware of the address. He will bring you here. He has a gun which he will not hesitate to use upon you if you try to contact anyone from your family."

Cara swallowed and eyed the driver. Her heart was in her throat, "I…." Before she could say anything the call ended. The phone slipped from her shaky fingers and an anxious sob left her mouth. "I didn't want to use the gun on you, Boss had ordered me to bring you to him without any harm to you. Don't make me use force on you, Madam."

"No…Please don't take me there. Don't take me to him…" she cried anxiously. The driver stopped the car and turned around. His gun pointed at her head. "Don't make this hard for me and yoursel
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Syamala Bhanu
Aaron pls save cara from this monster in human skin...she is innocent and sweet. She cannot bare such torture...pls author show some mercy on her...
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Maria L Garcia
I feel bad for Cara, but she needs to run away or whatever. I think Bella, Sabrina and grandma have mafia resources or are gone from New York. Maybe under cover agents because she has slipped from killian's fingers. He's not happy I don't think he will even get to her.
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Someone save poor cara plz

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