There were two sides to this story. It was either I had lost my senses, or I had gone crazy; which was basically two of the same thing.

Mum was all around the whole house that evening, and there I was in the bathroom stroking myself delightfully, and relishing the thoughts of Ms. Ellen that never seemed to leave.

I had to get finished as quickly as I could, before Mum noticed that I had been gone for too long. I turned on the shower, to deter anyone from coming in without knocking properly.

I hadn't done this in a long while, and I wasn't meant to be doing it. However, Ms. Ellen had managed to turn me on, in a way that no one else could.

Simply put, I had taken leave of my senses!

"What's up, bro?" Robb screamed behind me, loud enough for me to hear him.

I stumbled briefly in fright, and caught myself just in time. What in hell's name was wrong with Robb‽

"Get the hell out." I screamed, shying away.

"I thought you were the saint, and I was
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