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This could have gone in many directions and it could be any other relation but it had to be Valek’s grandma.

Does that mean she’s even older than I thought she is?

“It’s best we leave.” Ren finally decided to speak, “The young master is disturbed.” I glanced at Emilio who had tucked his head in my neck and was holding onto me tightly.

I sighed.

Well, at least Ren cares about his young master a lot. It’s about time he decided to leave the place.

Felix and Ren bowed to their madam, and pushed me along with them to leave the place.

“Wait!” The granny stopped us before we could make our escape, “You think you’ll win?” She glared at me and I turned my head to look back at her. The place she hit still stung and there was an itchy pain on the corner of my lower lip as well but I couldn’t tell what it was but it definitely came after the slap, “It seems you have the boy under your filthy charm but no matter what you do you’ll never be able to get Valek.”

“What makes you so sure?
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goodnovel comment avatar
Why would she keep telling him she is his mom when she had every intention of leaving?
goodnovel comment avatar
am I the only one seeing the repetition here? by the way, nice story

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