Rain looked up at the ceiling and sighed as he felt his chest tighten but he still spoke.

"The same people staged an accident for my parents and they both died. You don't want to think how difficult that is to me."

Ketra unconsciously clenched her fists while she heard Rain's side of the story. He had such a bad experience with the people who were supposed to support him and train him. How hungry for power were those stinking bastards? How could they hurt a boy like Rain without minding what he would grow to hold on to them?

"But it's okay. I have come to get used to them and am still learning how to handle them politely. I know that they are greedy and can go to the Earth's limits to get power." Rain mumbled with his arms wrapped around Ketra's waist tightly.

"I just don't want to be like them." Rain shrugged at it.

No matter how much he wanted to prove himself to those old men and women, he still didn't want to stoop as low as fighting with them. His parents handled them polite
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