Chapter 5

"Stay away from Alexander and the boys" Lexi threatened her sister.

It hadnt been long since dinner, Mariana had opted to stay out the way and go back to her room but Lexi soon came up.

She was pissed and in her opinion Mariana needed to learn a lesson.

"Look if you stay away I won't convince them that you shouldn't eat. You don't want to go against me, mother and father thought you were useless, Alexander and the boys are no different. You are only here because you were placed here but when Alexander learns who you are he will get rid of you" Lexi taunted.

"And Mariana you will be doing all the chores on Wednesday and Thursday that Daren gives me"

Mariana nodded, she was scared of what her sister was capable.

Lexi laughed knowing she had the upper hand, that her sister would do whatever she asked. She then proceeded to put pressure on the place Henry had attacked her previously.

Mariana couldn't help whimper in pain making Lexi laugh, she let her sister go and walked out of her room.

Tears ran down Mariana's face. She was scared of her sister and terrified of what her brothers and father were capable of, she knew they were all stronger than Henry so the pain would be worse.

Not long after there was a knock at her door. She knew it was ride to ignore it so she quickly made sure it didn't look like she was crying then she went to anwser it.

Alexander stood in front of the door.

"Can I come in, I think we should talk" Alexander said in a somewhat neutral tone. Mariana nodded and let Alexander in.

"I spoke with Alexia earlier"

Mariana couldn't help zone out, he had obviously come to punish her because he believed lexis lies.

"Are you listening to me Mariana"

Mariana shook her head, she had zoned out for quite some time it seemed. "As I was saying Alexia says you have no problem talking, you just choose not too. Maybe out of ignorance? Either way if you can talk I expect you to start replying verbally" Alexander spoke harshly not liking how his daughter had just ignored him.

Tears ran down her face, Lexi had gotten to him. "Enough crying. You will still be talking" Alexander didn't like tears. Mariana only cried harder, mostly out of fear.

Alexander's cold and distant attitude vanished, his only feeling now was worry.

"Ok. I apologize, I didn't mean to snap, please stop crying tesoro" Alexander said softly.

His daughters tears were definitely a weakness of his.

"I'm sorry,Lexi informed me you can talk, I just want to be able to talk to you" Alexander tried but he had no look "fine I'm leaving now" and Alexander left.

He felt awful for how he handled it but he was just desperate to have a conversation with his daughter and he saw she was crying because of her fear for him so he left.

Mariana cried herself to sleep that night.

The next day Mariana was woken up by shouting from downstairs, she usually wouldn't listen because that was guaranteed punishment but it was so loud that she couldn't help but open her door to see what was going on.

"You are going end of discussion" Mason snapped

"I don't want to be around them brats" Xander replied "How fucking dare you call them that" Daren shouted, he wasn't happy with his brother.

"Oh please you know she's a bitch, I wouldn't be suprised if her cries are fake stupid bitch" Xander yelled.

"Hear that bitch, they think you are just a desperate attention seeker" Lexi said, she had heard the words too and saw Mariana's door open so she took the opportunity to hurt her sister further.

She didn't say anything else, she just left to go downstairs.

Mariana was determined not to cry again after hearing that, she went and got ready for the day, she didn't have many clothes so she had put on the same jeans as yesterday. She had learnt to get ready quickly so despite everything, she was done in 10 minutes.

She headed downstairs after getting lost in the corridors a few times, after that she just followed the quiet chatter. Daren had a business call last night after dinner and Mariana had quickly left before he could get someone to show her around.

She ended up in the dining room.

Everyone but Alexander was sat eating, this time, the seating layout wasn't as formal.

Daren - -Mason

Matteo.- Lexi. -


"Take a seat and get some breakfast Mariana" Daren said noticing Mariana, everyone was talking but himself.

Mariana gulped, she would have to sit next to Xander and across from Lexi. She shakily walked over and took a seat.

Xander's words this morning had her trying to appear stable. They rung in her ears but she wasn't faking it. She was terrified.

What she didn't know though was Xander had been talking about Lexi when he referred to the tears being fake.

Mariana not wanting any of the attention, grabbed a slice of toast. It was enough since she was never allowed breakfast.

"Is that all your having" Matteo said causing all her brothers to look over, and Lexi to glare

"You need a little more than that tesoro" Daren said not liking the single slice of toast.

"Yes Daren is right, a single slice of toast simply isn't enough" Mason added.

"Probably has a eating disorder, attention seeker" Xander muttered.

Lexi couldn't help but snicker which earned her a glare from Daren and Xander.

"Xander I want you to apologize" Daren said calmly. It was far to early for this.

"I didn't do anything" Xander tried.

"Bullshit, it's too early for your shit now apologize" Daren snapped.

"I apologize Mariana" Xander said and went back to his food.

Mariana grabbed another slice to appease her brothers.

Once breakfast was over, Daren dismissed everyone but Mariana.

Mariana gulped thinking she was in trouble.

"You're not in trouble Mariana however I do want to discuss Xander's comment" Daren said beckoning her to come sit with him.

She didn't dare refuse his request so she shakily got up and sat were Matteo previously was.

"You barely ate anything yesterday and today a single piece of toast, maybe you're not hungry and that's okay, I don't doubt you have lost your appetite due to your parents being attested but if that isn't the case and you do have an eating disorder, I do need to be made aware" Daren explained trying to be understanding, he was aware how skinny she was, he could feel her ribs when he carried her yesterday.

Mariana didn't know how to respond, she couldn't talk, she wouldn't.

"Right, you can't speak can you. Nod if you have a disorder okay and please be truthful, I will never force you to eat, I just need to know so we can get you help and make sure we don't make you eat more if you can't do it" Daren said.

Mariana didn't think she had a eating disorder, she just wasn't allowed to eat.

She shook her head and Daren couldn't help but sigh with relief, he would still keep an eye on her though as he didn't want to completely dismiss it just because she said she hadn't one.

"Well I'm glad, I suppose you have had a rough few days so you probably won't be that hungry" Daren said.

Mariana just nodded.

"I have work today but I noticed you only came with a backpack so Mason will take you shopping today, Matteo was eager to go along so that meant we decided you all will go" Daren told

Mariana was never allowed stuff so she couldn't help wonder what the catch was.

"Regarding your talking, you can't continue with the nodding and shaking, so tonight we will discuss options on different ways we can communicate with you. I believe dad talked to you last night but it didn't go well, he means well he's just desperate to talk to you" Daren announced.

Mariana smiled lightly wanting to appear grateful.

"You both will need school stuff too. You start Monday, dad enrolled you both this morning before he left for work, I'm pretty sure he will be asking you both to fill out the classes you want to take tonight"

Mariana nodded, she hated school and no doubt Lexi would make it hell for her.

"You will also be taking Italian, we all speak it, I think this is the most English ive ever spoken at once" Daren said. It was true, at work he tended to switch from English to Italian, mostly speaking in Italian. With his family and friends he tended to speak mostly in Italian, not that he spoke much.

"Well I need to get to work tesoro, try to have a good day" Daren stood up, he held out his hand which Mariana reluctantly took. He pulled her up and smiled "ti amo mia piccola stella" Daren whispered, his Italian accent was thicker than usual as he had switched language.

Mariana was confused by what he said and automatically thought the worst, Daren saw the confusing and smirked "don't worry about it sweetheart"

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