Mend my Heart
Mend my Heart
Author: Helena

chapter one


Inside a regular patient room, the holter monitor machine was beeping confidently every each second.

Laim was laying lifeless on the hospital bed, wearing a piece of blue uniform.

He was breathing in and out slowly, taking each breath with difficulty.

His forehead was bandaged around his face and his lips were red and stained with blood.

May moved closer on her seat and rested her palm on his arm. She faced the doctor and pouted.

" When is he going to be alright?" She asked, bending her small brows curiously.

The doctor finally moved and leaned himself on the hospital headboard.

" This is the tenth time you'd ask me this question, Ms May."

" I just need to know if he's going to be alright to follow me home tonight" She said rushly.

" Well i don't think so. But let see how his health goes on for the rest of the day." He said and May slumped her shoulder sadly.

The doctor sighed as he stared at her.

" See May..." He began to walk towards her and he pulled up the girl from the chair by her shoulders.

She stood up willingly and stared up at the doctor's lazy boring eyes.

" There's something you should know as well, About the big problem i wanted to tell you " He said.

May eyes that was blinking with little life earlier had began to fall like an unwithered plant.

" Your dear husband had a serious brain injury and it left him with amnesia."

" Amnesia? What's that?." She asked looking blunt.

" You see, Amnesia occurs when he can't remember some few things or perhaps completely everything." He said and May creased her brow up the more.

" He can still remember few things like how to eat, walk, bath, talk, laugh and few others like a normal human. It takes time for him to remember things like you or his family." He said.

" Wait. He wouldn't know me too?" Her eyes bulged out and she tried to move towards lewis but the doctor held her shoulder firmly in place

" May. All you need to do is to make him remember. It might take pretty much longer Mn and sometimes, the victim might not be able to." He said.

" But I'm his wife. I mean...he's supposed to remember me. I'm more closer to him. Why wouldn't he remember me?" She asked as her throat ran dry painfully.

The doctor looked into her wet eyes and he could feel through her pain.

Amnesia was a very heartbreaking disorder that could drag a whole family by the neck. He wished he could help but he was now clueless.

Such a young poor wife, he wondered what she was going to do now.

" Doctor. Please tell me its not true. Tell me he'll be fine! Okay!" she said, looking at up him.

The doctor curled his lip, staring at her with zero emotion.

He knew anything he'd say would be pointless so there was nothing to drag about.

She turned around to face her husband.

" Liam...sweetheart.." she grabbed her chest, pouting her lips as she walked up to his hospital bed.

" Doesn't he have family relatives?" The doctor asked from behind.

May stopped in her tracks still pouting her lips.

" He does. I guess none of them is concerned about him right now. They only sent his bills, that's all." She said and the doctor shaked his head painfully.

She continued to step towards him before leaning her palm on the bed, resting her other palm on his forehead.

" Sweetheart?" She said in a whisper before rubbing his forehead and scattering his ink dark hair around.

" It's May. Your wife. I know you won't remember any body else. But Please...don't forget me especially." She said and her whelmed up eyes finally broke down tears.

★ □□□ ★



Laim is working in his private office, the cold air was enough to keep his fingers moving on the keys.

He ruffled his hair and picked up his already warm coffee, sipping out of it.

" The coffee is warm." He said with his deep menancing voice that could send hot chills to a skin.

Michelle folded her arm, sumging a stupid look at him.

" It's warm. You didn't drink it for over thirty minute since i brought it to you." She said and Liam looked dazed into his screen.

" Get me a new cup of coffee" He said without turning to stare at her.

Michelle gasped and walked sluggishly towards his table.

She picked his cup and mimicked him by raising the cup above his head to pour it on him.

She knew she was fried to ashes if a single drop reached his hair tip.

She brought up the coffee dispenser machine and poured out a coffee for him, afterwards she placed it carefully on his table.

Mitchell is a grumpy and arrogant girl, around her late teens.

She applied as a personal assistant to the Oh- so popular and breathtaking boss of hers.

Yet, she saw no reason why Liam didn't take her attractive despite her cool short dyed hair and piereced skin.


Liam cracked his neck joint with his arm and stood up removing his coat, to expose his broad and perfect body.

" It's Six. Get my cars ready." He told his personal assistant, Mitchell.

" Your cars. Okay." She spat annoyingly while rolling her eyes around her eyeballs.

She stepped out of the room, taking off her uncomfortable suit before hanging it around her shoulder.

" Everytime. Get my cars ready!. Get my tea ready. He does nothing for himself!." She rumbled as she left.

" He opens that stupid mouth of his to tell me to do things like I'm his slave huh! Stupid, stupid!" She kicked the elevator walls before stepping out uneasily.

She collided into a shoulder purposely.

" Watch were you are going, blind bat!" She spat and continued to walk away.

She brought out his car keys and turned on the car before picking out a bottle of soda.

She leaned on the car, sucking through it as she looked into space.

Ater she was done with the Can, she threw the can through the window into the car.

" Stupid ! lame ! car!. The tyres are crying for help yet he uses his money to do some other lame things." She smuged and folded her hands.

Liam came walking and she immediately stood upright, giving him a stern face.

He talked to few of his guardsman before stepping towards Mitchell with a blunt face.

" He never smiles or frowns. Always looking like a devil from outer space." Mitchell thought to herself loudly.

He poked her head with his long fingers and she snapped out of her thought.

" The keys." He asked and she curled her lips, stumping the keys on his palm.

He looked at her trying to find answers to her grumpy action but she looked away from his face.

" Watch your time or else you might not last." He glared at her. That single glare drew out blood from her.

He walked towards the driver seat and sat down, turning on the car engine.

" If he doesn't tell me to enter the car, I'll stand out here." She muttered, folding his hands.

She saw the car already moving out of the compound and she quickly ran to catch up with him.

She hissed and carelessly pulled the door open before throwing herself in.

" Sorry." She apologised, with a complete different expression.

Liam glared at her one more time before starting up his car again. He would handle her terrible case later.

He dropped her off by the road before continuing his journey towards his home. He wasn't feeling glad to go home.

Everytime he ended up to see the same woman he never loved or married.

Everyone accept that she's his wife but he doesn't. He doesn't love her, or cherish her.

He doesn't even love women. They are like ants that crawl up and itch his skin whenever he's closer to them.

His car got into his mansion and as usual he received help from his chaffeur.

He walked into his livingroom and was suprised not to meet May in the living room.

Usually, he would walk in to see her reading a book while laying upside down on the sofa.

Sometimes, he would meet her asleep and he wouldn't bother to wake or carry her upstairs.

She had always sat in one of the sofa, waiting for his return even if her waiting was pointless.

" It seems she finally learned her lesson." He grinned with his thick, smooth voice sounding in the large fancy livingroom.

He casually stepped up the stairs and led himself to his Bedroom.

He halted in his tracks to pull the door when he heard those childish voice of hers ringing from inside his room.

He thought for a while if May actually entered his room.

His eyes turned unusually dark and scary and he walked in, opening up the door slowly.

May looked towards his direction and quickly plonked her phone into the bedsheet hiding it there.

" Welcome home!" She said aloud, nervously.

" What were you doing?" He stepped in, squeezing his eyes at her.

" I...i was only calling my friends." She said, feeling like her heart beat would burst out of her chest.

Liam walked into the room skeptically and stretched out his other arm, silently asking for her phone.

She slowly dropped the phone on his palm, still staring at his whelmed face.

" It's one of my male friends." She quickly said, bulging her eyes fearfully.

He checked through the logs lazily and smirked at her.

" I'm not too concerned about who you just called. I want to get the reason how you took that bold step to walk into my room" He said.

May looked around his room.

" Oh. B..But this was supposed to be our room. Right?"

Liam threw his hands into his pocket.

" When did i make that Law here?" He asked and she lowered her gaze.

" I'm sorry. I was bored sleeping alone so i..."

" So you think cuddling you in bed with you will add an extra life to your short lifespan?"

" I'm sorry." She only said, playing with her fingers.

" i do not take apologies. You know that very well.." He said and May pressed her lower lip.

His steps began to sound inside the room as he walked closer.

" Don't you ever get used to my rules. I mean...this is not the first time I've told you this. Stay completely far from me!. Far, completely!" He yelled.

" But I don't...want to. I'm your wife" She defended, bending her brows sadly.

Liam bit his lips hard as he stared at her.

He picked her fragile arm and threw her out of his bed making her hit her body to the nearest closet.

She fell and winced in pain, palming her bleeding mouth.

" The only way we can survive under this roof is by killing ourselves." He said and picked her up by her neck.

" I thought you had leant your lessons but it feels like I'm still grooming you up, huh?!" He yelled.

" I'm so.. sorry. Please don't.. kill me." She said inbetween as he choked her neck painfully.

" Read my lips May. I don't love you so you better go look for your rightful husband!" He said.

" You are." She mumbled with tears dropping down her eyes.

" You made me your wife on our wedding day. Saying you will stick to me in good and bad times. You gave me my ring. Why can't you sit and remember?" She spoke bodly.

Liam stopped for a while and suddenly he began to laugh inside the room like a common devil.

" Seriously?. This is most hilarious word I've heard since i was born." He laughed again and in the next minute, he turned serious.

" Come here idiot!" He tugged by her hair hardly and May staggered.

She quickly stopped in front of the door and reversed to hug his body.

" Oh geez. Please Don't throw me out. I...i..can't sleep well without you." She said, hugging tight to his body and her bloody lips stained his shirt.

Liam looked down at her hair and for once, he thought of so many hardship he would definitely make this girl go through.

He didn't know why his heartless ways towards her had not given her the heart to run away from him.

He sighed, succumbing to her sweet soft skin. He rolled his hands around her perfect sexy body and May smiled.

Suddenly, He peeled her hands from him and she gave him one big cute stare.

" You don't deserve all this punishment." He said lowering his head.

May stared at him with hope but the next word shocked her.

" How about i just stab you!. You deserve to just vanish out of my life or perhaps, just die so that i can find peace in my life!" He yelled and pushed her out, caring not if she fell or not.

" Next time, look for good clothes to put on at night. Don't get me stuffed!!" He yelled and slammed the door.

He angrily threw off his shirt on the bed exposing another breathtaking world beneath him.

He went into the bathroom and sank himself into the hot bathtub before relaxing his head as the shower hoovered his face.



May ran to her room. She closed up the door gently and rested on it before touching her lips.

She was bleeding through her teeth. She had crashed her face on the wardrobe and had gotten a severe injury.

She didn't even notice it all this while she prodding and glueing herself to Liam.

But now she did, the pain was quite severe.

She sat next to her mirror, meddling with her lips when the nanny walked in.

" May?. Are you alright?" She asked coming closer as she walked in.

May bit her lips to hide her wounds.

" I'm fine." She mumbled.

The Nanny brought up her tray of meals and set it gorgeously at her front table.

" Please eat." She told her and May shaked her heads in disapproval stepping aside to go to the bed.

" I'm not hungry. I'll just lay here on the bed and receive my daily sleepless night." Her voice was weak and she sniffed hardly.

" May dear..." The nanny came up to her bed and

sat next to her.

" I'll be fine. Just go!" May said covering her face with her palm.

" You are not always fine, i know that. It's been one year now and you haven't done any thing in order to make your husband see and remember everything."

May sat up.

" But how will i. He doesn't even want me close to him at all." She said.

" Keep trying, May. It's not going to be easy but you'll always know what you'll achieve in the end. You can start off by showing him some picture of himself, his family and your wedding."

" But.."

" May.." The nanny carresed her hair in the most gentle way.

" Okay. I will try." She grumbled weakly. " My mouth is still bleeding right?" She asked.

" Liam again right" the nanny asked and May nodded sadly.

" It's okay. Everything will be fine." She rubbed her shoulder and kissed her forehead gently.

" Not Everything will be fine." May snorted.

" Don't worry. I'll help you to talk to him, he's more closer to me maybe he'd listen." She said and May smiled.

She crawled towards her and gave her a warm hug.

" Thank you SO MUCH."


Liam was sitting by the mirror of his room, adjusting the sleeves of his white shirt to prepare for work.

The door gave a gentle thud and his hazel eyes gazed over to the mirror.

His wife, May, was standing behind him, dressed in a white nightwear with a 'couple portraits' in her chest.

He hits the table gnashing his teeth with anger.

He stood up carelessly and walked towards his wife, pinning her hands to the wall,the protrait crashing on the bare tiles.

" Tell me may, Just tell me!. What do hell do you want from me!" He yelled, shooting his deadly gaze at her eyes.

May stared at the unusual devil in front of her. She was used to his yellings unlike before when she'd break down into tears.

She had decided to be strong and fight her place in his heart.

She gulped down slowly, and lowered her gaze to the portraits that fell on the floor.

A single tear drop fell off her eyes as she tried to speak.

" i...i...just want love me in the normal way. The way a wife deserves." She muttered in a careful whisper.

" A wife deserves?" There was a smirk on his gorgeous chin.

She nodded her head naively and stared at his eyes, sniffing in her watery nose.

Liam grinned and fisted her palm more tightly to the wall.

" You say. But I'm sorry. I don't remember... making you my wife." He said.

That single word broke her heart. She swallowed deeply, preventing the tears in her eyes to fall.

He stepped away from her and leaned down to pick the protrait that had crashed.

He stood up and placed them together. A disturbing smirk was on his lip

" This is ordinary me in a suit. And this is you in a wedding gown. The picture was merged, i know it never happened." He said and threw it into the dustbin.

May quickly picked it and dusted it with care, still burying it in her chest.

Liam walked over to his bag and took to it downstairs without waving a goodbye.


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