chapter thirteen

Liam was driving like a maniac, like someone who had lost his complete sense and was looking for a close death.

Mitchell was glued to her chair, holding tight to the handrest of the sofa as her eyes surged out in shock.

She turned to stare at his face, he was emitting a dangerous look on his face, a very deadly one.

He was turning really fierce and that alone sucked out all the blood from Mitchell's body.

He would swerve through cars and trucks in a reckless way, turning his steering wheel in clock and anti clockwise direction.

She had never seen heaven in her entire life. At that point, Angels were already at her footsteps calling her to follow them in a rhythmic order.

She wanted to stop him. Her voice went cold to talk. Her face went totally dry by the amount of air and speed fizzing on her face.

Liam, on the other hand, wasn't at all bothered by how he drove.

He kept looking out of the window continously and givng a rough sigh at the same intervals.

His mind kept doing the flashbacks on what happened at Emperor's office today.

One thing he knew before his wife left home was that May would still end betraying him and it was not just to a male friend, it was his brother, his rival.

He couldn't take it anymore. She had made him go completely sane. This was the highest sort of heartbreak he had ever received in his life.

He finally seized to a stop at the side of the road and Mitchell fell her heavy chest, sighing hard.

At that point, She wanted to step down the car and run far far away from him while taking her heels by her hand.

What was that!.

She turned to look at Liam and she found him palming his eyes. she knew he was still upset about the previous incident.

" You don't have to take it personally." She said and Liam adjusted himself and sat up, throwing his head backwards.

" I'm sorry for driving that fast. I was just too_"

" Upset? Annoyed?. I know that ." She said and tore out her seat belt, turning to face him.

" It's not her fault, Liam." She said.

" It's not her fault. Oh is this what you are telling me now?" He asked, glaring at her.

" You chased her. She had no choice."

" I did not chase her!" He yelled and Mitchell Faced somewhere else, folding her hands.

" Let's just drive to the office." She said and Liam tugged his hair and groaned loudly.

" I wanted her to stay so badly, Mitchell......I can't believe she left, and worse, she went to secure herself with Emperor." He said and rested back on his chair.

" I don't know what to do now right now. I feel so betrayed. I can't let her remain with him." He said

Mitchell sighed and stared at his gloomy face. She knew he was passing through some dilemma.

She didn't want his sadness to take a load on him. She also didn't want him to think about bringing back May to the house.

She faced him and rubbed his shoulder.

" Liam. Stop acting like a baby and be a Man for once. Didn't you see, May. She was happy being away from you and you are here, crying over what doesn't deserve to be yours." She said and Liam bit his lips.

He never realised how stupid he had been by caring too much about her.

He was here, feeling too bad about himself when the woman, herself, didn't feel anyways towards him.

He wished to collect a hot slap, at least, to caution himself for being that stupid.

" Yeah. I kinda realise how foolish I am. Why should I even care. She has her life to live, I have mine. Why should I kill myself because of her." He said.

He placed his seat belt and scoffed.

" I'll watch her suffer in the hands of Emperor and when she crawls, coming back to me for a second chance, I won't hesitate to toil my anger on her first" He said and Mitchell grinned inwardly.

She nudged his shoulders playfully.

" Now thats the Liam I know." She said and coughed. " So. About my punishment?. Is it cancelled?" She asked and stared at him with puppy eyes.

Liam gave one heavy sigh. He picked her palm and crossed their knuckles together

He grinned a soft throat chuckle and looked at her with a sexy smirk that matched his face.

" It's been Cancelled." He said and Mitchell clapped her hands joyfully.

Right after her happiness, she pouted her lips sadly and looked at him.

" And...May?" She asked and Liam felt short of words for a while. He stared out the window and thinned his eyes.

" Cancelled, as well." He said and Mitchell inner sense began to rejoice madly. Her days of fortune had come, Liam was fully hers.

The handsome and demi-god freak would be just for hers alone and all the girls would envy her.

She had never been any happier. She threw her hands on his cheekbones.

" I'm thinking of going to the boutique to get a nice dress for the date, about that?"

" Yeah, sure. I wouldn't want my date to look tattered. The best of the cloth is what you'll need." He said and pressed on his pedal to begin driving.



May finally stepped into the office.

She sat down on her office chair tiredly and pouted her cute small lips.

She wanted to sob. The look on Liam's face before he left told her she was in serious trouble.

She was sure that no matter how cunning Liam was to be able to get her, She knew Emperor would be able to protect her like he had said.

She knew who her husband was and that increased the intensity for her to be scared.

After some while of silence, May picked out the picture of Liam from her bag and stared at it for a while.

She had stole it from Liam's room the night she crawled into his room unknowingly.

She had wanted to keep it and miss his gorgeous face for as long as she would be away from home.

She smiled widely while looking at the photo, showcasing her small teeth lined on her pretty gum.

Suddenly, Emperor walked into her office and he turned on the Thermo stat.

" Oh Emperor. you are here." She said and hid Liam's photo into her handbag carelessly. Unknown to her, it fell off.

Emperor walked towards her.

" Are you okay?. Your face looks a bit weary." He asked, palming her head and staring at her face.

" I just have a little back and shoulders pain. That's all" She said and Emperor shaked his head.

" I'm sure a good massage will help to deduce it" He said and came behind her backs.

He flapped out her shirt collar and opened the first button on her shirt to get access to a little portion her skin.

He placed his cold hands there and began soothing off her pain with his delicate long fingers.

May sat on her chair feeling very awkward. She didn't know how to react.

She was scared of being disrespectful by telling him to stop but at the same time, she was loving this new treatment.

He kept on massaging her shoulders, going towards her back and teasing the little bump on her back bone.

May squeezed herself on her seat as his hands touched her indifferently. Maybe it was because no man had ever made her feel this way before.

" Whenever you aren't feeling Okay or comfortable, Just tell me." He said and May shaked her heads nervously.

Emperor stared at her and he stopped himself from touching her more than just her shoulders.

He had never had this sort of self control whenever he was around girls and he didn't want to loose his trust for her.

After a while of silence, May palmed his hands, stopping him from going further and then she stood up on her feet.

" Um. I'm fine now." She said.

" You sure?"

" Very sure" She said with a smile.

Emperor looked around her table and he saw the pic of Liam laying on the floor next to her bag.

May traced his direction of his sight and when she realised what he was looking at, she felt goosebumps on her skin.

He picked up the photo and smiled at it.

May stepped aside, looking at him with wide curious eyes like that of a kid.

She wondered what he would tell her now for bringing Liam's property into her office.

Emperor stared at the pic again and looked at her.

" I know you still miss him. it's normal." He said, May could feel pain in his voice. " Do you still want to go back to him?"

" No. Not at all" She replied immediately. She might have missed him but she wouldn't make the same mistake to return back to him.

Perhaps, He wouldn't go easy on her when she tries to return back as his wife. He would skin her alive.

" I'm fine with you here." She said and Emperor sat down, pulling her along with him to sit on his legs.

" I'm not trying to change your decision, May. Right now, I feel like I'm the one keeping you with me and not you, feeling the urge to remain here." He said.

" I want to stay here with you not with him." She said, not being decisive in her voice.

Emperor sighed and gave a cheerful smile.

" He was surprised to see you with me. At the same time, he's uspet that you came here." He said and sat up, holding her palm.

" I still love you and as you know, he might not value you again by stepping away from me. Promise to remain with me alone from now on?" He asked and May blushed.

" I will." She said staring at her thumbs and He hugged her body warmly, boring his face on her stomach.

" I want us to go out for pleasure tonight. Mn?"

" Sure. I am" She said feeling overwhelmed. She felt happy because she hadn't been taking out on an outing in a very long time.

But today, She knew it would be a past tense for her.



Sunny was walking down the corridor mumbling a song.

She was holding some large files in her hand while holding up her tablet in her second hand.

Suddenly, her earphones got removed from her head. She turned around and wanted to curse the fool but was suprised it was Ray.

" Hey. Give me back my earphones!" She yelled.

" This is a company, not an Highschool. Earphones aren't allowed" He told her.

" And so what?. It's my property, I'll use it the way I want." She said.

" Pstt...This is going into the dustbin soon" He said and She held her waist.

" I'll count one to ten, if you don't return my earphones I'll..."

" You will?. Spank my butt?" He asked and began to laugh hardly.

Sunny scanned him for a while and she smiled cunningly. She leaned into him and kissed his cheekbones.

" Good boy. I'll see you later, Bye!" She said and began to step away.

" What about your earphones?" He asked and She stopped and waved a wallet in the air.

" I'll got enough to buy it and get even more!" She laughed and Ray palmed his pant.

His wallet was gone. How come he didn't notice when she took it.

" Hey. Come back here!" He began to chase her and Sunny picked up the race.

They began running down the corridor like brainless kids who came to play at their dad's office.

She ran into the elevator and began to tap on the buttons continously in a careless way.

" Close!. Close! Ugh!" She yelled when she saw Ray approaching her.

Before Ray could could get to her, the elevator started closing up.

She waved her hands, laughing at his stupidness.

" I'll see you when you're broke." She said and the elevator closed up.

Ray hit his leg on the floor and took out of his phone.

" There is a girl leaving elevator 5, stop her immediately and take the wallet with her." He said and cut the call.



Liam took out a seat for Mitchell and she sat down comfortably.

" Thanks, pie." She threw him a kiss and Liam smirked, turning to find his seat as well.

" Do you love this place?" He asked.

" Love is an understatement. I adore this romantic setting alot." She said and kissed the back of his palm.

Liam was dressed in a sexy blue shirt with his few buttons exposing his hard plane chest and black fitted pants and his hair was neatly brushed on his head.

He was looking incredibly handsome and some girls around couldn't help but look at him Dumbly.

Mitchell, on the other hand, was putting on a yellow plane dress that matched her yellow skin and hair.

The environment was cool and the place was quiet with a soothing music, and reserved, just for couples.

" Why did you decide to take me on a date?" She asked, resting on her cheeks as she formed a big smile.

Liam clicked his fingers on the table and sighed.

" Ion really know myself. Perhaps, I realised you worth more than some girls like May and It turned out I like you more." He said and Mitchell blushed red.

His words felt special to her. It was just so charming and smooth that she felt herself on top of the world.

" That's the most nicest word any guy has ever told me." She said, pinching his cheek. " So I'll just take an order." She picked up the food menu.

Liam turned to look around the place. This was a really expensive eatery with almost six tall floors and private hotels for Loungers.

One could only find people of the highest class come here and it was one of the best reserved eatery in the country.

Liam was still probbing himself with his thought about the eatery when he finally saw Emperor walk in with May.

His senses was a mess after he saw them. He became unkempt and Unstable.

" Look. Look.!" Liam tapped Mitchell and she felt scared for a while before turning to look behind her.

" Emperor and May?" She gasped with wide eyes. She wondered why he had brought her here to the same restaurant.

" He had brought her here on a date as well. Ugh, it feels so disgusting." Liam yelled fisting his palm.

He kept watching them as they found a close seat next to them.

Emperor was wearing a turtle neck coat and May was looking darn sexy in her red dinner gown.

He made sure his chaffeur dusted the chair before she could sit.

" Oh now. he's treating her like the 'queen of paradise' " Liam said, quoting his fingers in the air.

" Liam. You are on a date with me!. Ignore them." Mitchell told him.

Liam sighed and pinched his eyelids. He was finding it hard to focus ever since May walked In with those good-looking clothes.

A waiter finally approached them.

Mitchell showed him what she would need to eat and Liam also pointed out at his choice.

The waiter nodded and left afterwards.

" So. How do I look in today's date?" She turned to ask him, But once again, she caught him staring at May.

At May's table, They had both settled down on their seat and May was looking around.

" This doesn't look like an outing. I feel like you took me on a date." May said, smiling widely.

" I only wanted to surprise you. Don't you like it" He asked and May bit her lips, blushing hard.

That was enough to show him she cherished the arrangement. He adjusted her hair behind her hair.

" You look so beautiful. I feel so extremely lucky." He said and she shyly looked at her thumbs again, feeling her heart bang on her chest.

" Thank you." She whispered and he grinned.

" I'm sure you're hungry." He said and picked up the menu, stretching it to her.

" Pick. I'll eat whatever you eat as well." He said and May giggled loudly.

" What if I'd I pick straws?. You'd eat it as well?" She asked teasingly and he nodded his head.

While she was busy going through the book menu, He stared around and his gaze instantly caught Liam and Mitchell at the other end of the table.

He looked away instantly and stared at May, feeling uncomfortable but at the same time glad.

" I'll pick Spag and Stake." She told him.

" Nice choice." He said and picked her hands, kissing the back of her palm.

Liam saw what he did to her palm. He couldn't take this attitude he was pouring on her. He knew he was trying to make him feel jealous.

" Hey Mitchell." He called.

" What" She snorted angrily. She was getting fed up with her date always spying at other couples who were having fun.

" Pretend like I cracked a joke and you should start laughing." He said and she rolled her eyes. He took her palm and looked at her dearly.

" I promise to make it up to you by the end of this dinner, just do as I say" He said and Mitchell sighed.

She slapped the table.

" Really!. That was very hilarious!. Haha!" She laughed and May turned her heads to look at who was dying with laughter.

The moment she saw Liam, her whole attention got misplaced. Fear and nervousness got hooked in her stomach.

" Liam is really here." She rushed to tell Emperor in a whisper.

" I know he is. Don't worry, don't get bothered about them. Just focus on us" He said with a smile and May blinked at her wine.

She found herself looking towards Liam's direction again with her brows creasing sadly.

She didn't like the fact that he was making Mitchell feel special but he wasn't able to do so when he was still with her.

" That was the last time I ate pizza along with the paper warps. Then, I was so dead with hunger" He said and Mitchell laughed again.

" You are the most funniest guy ever!" She said, covering her lips.

Liam took up his drink and sipped it, staring straight at May's eye.

May quickly took her gaze away from him and stared back at her cup.

She felt very nervous and didn't even realise how hard her heart was beating on her chest.

She tried to remind herself that she wasn't alone. The waiter finally approached their table.

" Food is ready. Enjoy. " The waiter said and dropped their meal.

May hungrily took her spoon and Emperor immediately stopped her wrist.

" I'll feed you instead." He said and May couldn't get any excited. He picked his spoon and fed her with total care and affection.

Liam couldn't believe his eyes. She was eating out from his spoon happily.

They picked the spaghetti and ate out from their lips as well, laughing hardly.

Liam bit his lip hard and felt fire burning out from his ears and nose.

He decided to focus on Mitchell. She was already dozing off on the dinner table.

" Wake up. Let's think of something. At least, to make them feel jealous." He told her.

" I'm clueless and I'm not enjoying this date at all. I'm moving to the toilet" She said and left.

Liam sighed and decided to work this out by himself. He called one of the meal attendant and told him to distract Emperor from His table.

The attendance nodded and left afterwards towards May's table. He whispered something into Emperor's ear and Emperor stood up on his feet.

" I need to go sort something out. I'll be back." He told May and She widened her eyes in fear.

She peeked at Liam and quickly faced her meal. Oh good heavens. They were alone now and she knew she was currently doomed.

Liam dropped his cup and leaned up on his feet.

He began to walk towards her in a charming style and then, he stopped at her table.

May played with her fork, pretending not to see the creature standing next to her.

Her heart began to beat itself out of her chest that She almost saw the heart shaped come out of her chest.

" I bought those clothes for you, take it off. You are not allowed to wear it on someone's else date." He said and May looked up at him.

It seems she didn't understood English anymore.

" Huh?" She looked confused and scared at the same time.

If this was how he was going to repay her back, by the clothes he bought and owned, then her life was finished.

He dragged her up on her feet and she naively stepped back in fear.

He dragged her by her wrist and began to head towards the elevator leading to the upper balcony.

" Come with me. I need to tell you something you should know." He said as the elevator closed up.

Emperor turned his backs after walking some distance and he saw them walk away from the table.


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