Harris and Harley watched the scene in awe. "What Just happened," Harris whispered to Harley, who rolled her eyes and said, "I should be the one asking_ you're the adult after all."

Harris pouted his mouth and turn to his father, who quickly stood up to avoid his children's question.

Mr.Harper walked hastily toward his room, but not before casting a gaze at Jules's room. The reason he was not bothered about those photos was because he knew the kind of person she is. Besides, they were not truly married, and she had the right to be with whoever she wanted, although he wanted it to be his son Hero.

However, Hero was blinded by his hate for her, that he couldn't see the good in her.

From what Mr.Harper observed in those photos earlier, he could tell that Mason clay was somehow interested in Jules and was the one making an advance toward her_ After all, which single young man in his right sense would not be interested in Jules? she's smart, beautiful, and has a good heart. Everything abou
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