chapter three

The clouds were black outside,  and rustling of leaves could be heard.

The cold wind hit them as soon as they stepped out, it was about to rain.

Both guys watched Sage run towards the meadow,  why exactly was she this aggressive. She was hardly in such a mood.

They looked at the direction she ran to and saw a man, he dressed in complete black.

His cowboy hat covered his face so they didn't know who he was.

He rested on the entwined gate even though he knew it was too weak to hold him.

Tristan immediately got his scent.

It was familiar and strong, one he would always remember, even till death. The scent of betrayal.

"F*ck!" he cursed under his breath, how was this lunatic able to find him when his scent was gone. At least that's what he thought.

Sage was still barking at the strange man, while he tried to calm her down by waving a bone at her.

"Is everything okay?" Javier asked as he noticed the way Tristan looked at the man.

" No, we need to leave right now" Tristan went inside the house, grabbed a knife and his jacket, he should've left earlier.

"Do you know the man outside?" Javier asked again, he was lost, was the man that dangerous?.

"If you want to stay alive just do as i fucking say" Tristan said, trying to suppress his anger, humans are really dumb and annoying.

They sneaked out through the back door and jumped over the wooden fence, Javier just followed without further questions, even if he was dying of curiosity.

Was Tristan a fugitive, criminal or had he offended somebody?, he really feared for his life.

He wanted to ask Tristan who he was but couldn't cos he sensed Tristan was already angry and didn't want to face his wrath.

This whole place was a farm, if they could get to the other end then they'll definitely make it out alive.

"What about Sage?" Javier didn't want to ask, but he loved his dog so much and didn't want to lose her.

"She'll find us" Tristan stated.

"How?, that man might harm her. My poor doggy" Javier lamented and Tristan shot him a hard stare that made him shut up.

They got to an empty well, it that wasn't very deep, but was filled with dirt.

"Jump in" Tristan ordered.

"What??" Javier was bewildered, he hated anything dirty, how was he supposed to enter this well?

"I said jump in" Tristan was already loosing his patience.

"You must be insane, how can i...." Tristan rolled his eyes and pushed him in before he could finish his statement.

"Just learn to shut up and obey" he muttered before jumping in himself.

"Are you going to kill me now?" Javier asked as they landed at the bottom of the well, he was now getting scared of Tristan.

"You talk too much" Tristan said, crawling towards the direction of a faint light. It was their exit.

Javier was the first to get out.

As soon as Tristan got out, he met the traitor holding a knife at Javier's neck, as he covered his mouth.

Sage just sat by the corner whimpering, did he really hurt this poor dog?

"We meet again Tristan. Or should i say alpha" he smiled mischievously, maintaining eye contact with Tristan.


"..Master, i felt a very faint energy from her last night. I swear she is alive" a man said kneeling down in front of a large glass throne that was covered with thorns.

He was in a large room, that looked more like hell than a place.

It was known as hellraiser, a place of torment and sorrow, just as the name went.

A place that was said to exist only in fairy tales, the home of all evil...

The entire place was covered with flames and was as hot as the sun, it seemed as though it was carved under the earth.

Some people were locked behind bars, crying and begging for mercy, some were working at the corner, doing very hard labour. They were all slaves.

Their skin was pale and their body had marks, from the severe beatings and harsh weather.

Four men stood opposite eachother beside the throne, dressed in black overalls, they were the death lords.

Lord Vader, lord Rasmus, lord Gad and lord Hades.

"How is that possible, lord Vader, i thought you dealt with her sixteen years ago?" a thunderous voice asked from the throne.

It was very high, and so it would be difficult to get a clear view of the figure sitting on it.

A servant walked in with a thin man, that was bounded with ropes and tossed him to the throne.

"I did master, it seems she survived the accident and that's a miracle " lord Vader said, he was also surprised.

"We need to do something, the prophecy will come true on her twentieth birthday" the man said, sounding worried.

Things were going out of plan, so they needed to act fast.

"We need to find that scumbag " the voice said, sucking the life out of the thin man.

"She has a birth mark in her eyes.., it is something very rare. We can easily find her" the man assured.

"Do we just go about looking at every girl's eyes?"

"She is the only one who has it, it won't be a difficult task" Raphael assured.

"Alright, what about the other one?" the voice asked again.

"They will be useless without eachother, we need to make sure they don't meet, else we're doomed" the man said and bowed again, before stepping back from the request alter.

"I've heard you general, i shall find her and do the needful, we cannot let her destroy what we've worked for all these years"

Twenty one years ago, a prophecy came and thus it said;

** Two mysterious beings shall arise from the rubbles, hurt and useless.

One light and the other darkness.

Though they know not their worth, they shall put an end to the great evil, eating the beauty of the world.

Darkness shall overshadow light, and the strong shall oppress the weak.

Their announcement to the world shall bring chaos, hatred and war.

They will do the impossible, digging up decayed and dark mysteries.

Being light and darkness, they are the only ones who can bring balance to all the realms...**

This prophecy greatly bothered some people, especially those involved in evil acts.

"Summon the west witch, we need her eyes" the voice said.

"Yes master" general Raphael replied, and left hellraiser.

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