14-Eddie’s Big Mouth

Edward’s POV

Once James got Erin calm we were able to explain to Kass what our network of spies had worked out in both realms.

“Loachra, we are using our contacts in both realms and have verified that Aloha Mitchell is keeping the Luna’s from our realm in the human realm and vice versa,” I explain resuming my grip on her from behind.

“Any warrior Lunas?” She asks.

“No he only took none wolf Lunas- Humans, mostly. The western Alphas have a tendency to be mated to humans. In the human realm it’s even more common.” James explained. He was attempting to hold Erin but she was still pissed over Melissa.

I could see her fuming, fighting the mate bond.

I find it hilarious that my sister, virgin, champion of the mate bond, is mated to James Lopez seduction master of Alpha and Beta daughters. Granted he could have had my mate, but she chose better. And I’m not any better. I am a certified manwhore. When my mate goes into heat I might actually die. I make a mental note to get her pregn
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