He hadn’t just gotten permission to leave the palace from his father; to make it that close to the Lunera Kingdom(werewolf) undetected, he needed to borrow one of the three magic artifacts the royal family had gotten from the witch kingdom of “Elfina” as truce.

The moment he was done wiping off the blood from his hands, he dashed forward with a determined expression on his face.

He couldn’t go back without having three werewolf hearts in his hands, or he could forget about seeing Hurai next year.

“I need to get close to her…how else am I going to learn all the weaknesses of the royal family. The fact that she’s also kinda cute simply makes it more interesting,” Kal thought, racing through the forest as fast as he could while paying attention to the different smells around him.

In seconds, he had gone through half of the forest but still managed to find another prey in such a short time. It was a grey werewolf patrolling in its wolf form without any care in the world.

Kal didn’t even
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