The man in front of Darun was dressed in a white robe that barely covered his chest as he sat firmly on the ground, and even though his face was mostly obscured in the darkness, the small tinge of light reflecting from the inside of the house on his body, was enough for Darun to admire the deeply outlined muscles on his arms and chests, which was a big contrast to Darin’s body regardless of how often he exercised.

“Come here…” Darun heard the young man in front of him order as he continued to beckon towards him with his left hand.

Darun stood there without moving a single muscle almost as if he was frozen in place.

“I’m only here to enquire if you could share some of your food with me,” Darun said, not taking even a single step closer to the man in front of him.

The only reason he still continued to stay was simply because the young man in front of him, seemed a little tipsy which meant that the distinct wolf smell on his body would most likely be the last thing he would notice.

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