The Yellow to My Black
The Yellow to My Black
Author: Ruby Kimano


“Dumb guy with his dumber friend! HAHAHA!”

Another day, another bully. The Fabs won’t let the students study in peace. Rumours said that is was an abbreviation for The Fabulous, which is totally cringe but nobody would have the guts to tell them. Rosie would never understand what kind of fabulousness they have.

Rosie Ellery hangs her head low while walking through the corridor, quietly passing the Fabs. If there is another way to get to the classroom without passing this corridor, Rosie wouldn’t think twice about it. Even if that means she have to walk and swim, slip and run, climb and crawl passing through the jungles and rivers.

Bu to her luck, this damn corridor is the only way to get her to the next class. She could only pray to all Heavens, hoping those bullies wouldn’t notice her. Of course, she feels sorry for the other students who is being forced to eat the snack crumbs on the floor. Gosh, she feels bad for them. But again, she couldn’t do anything. It’s not like she has the power here.

Rosie is just an ordinary student who wants to graduate with a good grade so she could get a better job. Surviving a day without getting noticed by the bully has already been such a blessing. That’s it. She didn’t ask for more.

“Look who we have here, another dumb nerd?”


Even that little thing is hard to ask.

Rosie fasten her pace. Just less than twenty steps, she could get to her class and stay safe since her professor has most likely been there.

“I believed you are the only student here. Am I right, Rosie Ellery?” The leader’s voice, Andrew, booms throughout the corridor. The voice Rosie hated the most.

The leader actually has some feelings for Rosie. But he knows damn well that he would be a laughing stock if his friends found out about his little crush towards the nerd. So instead, he does what every idiot person would do. Bullying his crush so he would get her attention. Or at least, Rosie would know his name. Yeah, that’s what that idiot thought so.

Whether she likes it or not, to be frank she didn’t have a choice,Rosie’s leg automatically stop itself from walking. She tries not to trembles too much, but who is she kidding? It was just Monday and she has already met the bully. Rosie could hear the footsteps coming towards her. She gulped and could only pray the Heavens will send whoever, or whatever, to save her.

“Are you ignoring me?”

Andrew asks right beside her ears, making Rosie jolted in surprise. And she cursed herself for being so jumpy. Now the group of bully would like to teaseher more.

“I… d-didn’t… hear y-you.” She hangs her head low.

Andrew walked in front of the poor girl. He let out an innocent smile, which is the opposite of what he was intending to do.

“Yeah, my bad.” He smirked and moved his face closer to Rosie. “I should have spoken louder, shouldn’t I?”

For anyone who sees, including Rosie, this might be a horror scene. This ‘nice’ side of Andrew will only be shown if something bad is about to happen. The worst Rosie ever experienced is being humiliated in front of the whole class for having an orange hair. Sounds stupid, right? But that simple thing has left some trauma on Rosie.

Rosie almost get a large chunk of hair missing from the back of her head, if it wasn’t for the professor who happened to walk in the class when the incident happened. Still, the bullies succeed to get her lower hair being cut without any proper pattern. This caused Rosie to cut her hair short. And she even had to lie to her mom, saying she wants to try a new short hair style, where in fact, she doesn’t have a choice but to cut it short. It was just a month ago. And surely, Rosie isn’t looking forward to another incident like that.

“I’m sorry.” Rosie said, almost like whispering to herself.

On the other hand, Andrew notices Rosie’s hair has grown longer. He mentally thanked whatever shampoo she used. Andrew almost lost his cool when his groups are trying to cut Rosie’s hair. It was actually his fault.

Andrew found Rosie really attractive in red hair. But of course, he couldn’t just compliment her because that would be weird. He then mentioned to his group about Rosie’s new hair color. He just wanted to test the water to know what his friends thought about it. But instead of praising her, his friends start to mock her, saying she looks like an idiot with red hair. They even went further and cut her hair. Luckily, that one stupid professor came in. He didn’t know how to face Rosie if his friends really got to turn her head bald.

“Have you done the project?”

Rosie slowly nodded.

“You wouldn’t mind if we join you, right? We were really busy and haven’t had the chance to do it.”

And again, she could only nod.

“I know you are the best.”

Noticing he wouldn’t get any response from her, he then spoke up. “Go to the class and write our name down.”

For the first time, Rosie lifts her head up. Sure, she was beyond happy she could pass just like that. It just feels weird… but she isn’t complaining. She tried to walk calmly, when actually her legs just want to sprint before the bully changes his mind.

“You let her slide just like that?” Maccas, one of the bully said. He was also the one who initiates to cut Rosie’s hair up.

“We can’t afford her presenting the project with a bruised face, right?”

Andrew shrugged him off and go back to his victims earlier. He grabbed one of the student’s collar and slammed him to the metal locker behind them.

“Finish all of this before the bell rang.”

With that, along with his two other friends, they leave to the next class, leaving two poor students who eats their ‘snack’ even faster. They had only three minutes before the bell rang. They wouldn’t want to get home with some bruised faces just because of this.

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