Chapter 32: The Inescapable Lure Of  Afternoon Delights 

Chapter 32: The Inescapable Lure Of Afternoon Delights

The Courtyard, Ridgemont High, Fallon Creek, Michigan...

Never one for liking when people stare at him, Rick Channon narrowed his eyes at the other students whom he had caught chatting about his recent episode in the gym. They always led the story with his amazing shot, but then finished with his collapsing after making it. He rolled his eyes as even Casey began to stare at him. He turned up his carton of milk and bit into the leftover half of his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Casey sipped from the straw of his orange juice container and sighed. He had not known what to think of the strange turn of events when it came to Rick Channon. Just a few days prior they were at war and Rick was hitting him and chasing him down to punish any manner of insult. Now he was sitting at the table chomping down a sandwich after being released from the nurse's office after his collapse in gym class.

"Are you sure you're okay?" asked Ca
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