Chapter 5

I stared in awe at my reflection. I wore red formfitting gown that hugged me perfectly and my makeup wasn't too heavy and I had a simple loose curls that framed my face.

"You look so beautiful." Alina said.

"So do you." I said addressing her all black form fitting dress.

"No, seriously, my brother is going to flip out. Especially since you're showing off that body." She said laughing.

"Well in that case he'll kill the both if us." I said grinning as she put the final touches on me with some hairspray and handing me a jacket.

I smiled as we walked down the stairs together. She was so sweet and welcoming. I thought about Kieran as we walked. His family seemed so nice, but something seemed off about Kieran. He was the outlier, something had to had happened to him. I couldn't help but feel bad for him. He marked me and I knew that there was no changing that so I would have to learn to live with him at least. He didn't kill my mother or myself and yet I kept trying to run away. He had every right to be angry at me, but he wasn't. He was trying. Maybe if I tried a little too, maybe then he'd open up and we could at least learn to be friends.

"You know, I've never really had a friend before. Thank you." I said to her.

"You're welcome and if it helps, I've never really had any either. Girls only ever talked to me to try and get close to my brother, but you're different and I can tell he likes you already." She said with a smile.

I furrowed my brow in confusion. We'd only just met. I knew once a mate was marked, feelings between the couple would begin to quickly develop at a pace much more rapid than humans, but this was faster than I had thought.

"What makes you say that?" I asked laughing.

"Kieran swore he'd never take a mate. My father was the one that convinced him to at least look. You're slowly softening him. Its a good thing. Kieran hasn't known anything but hate in a long while." She said.

I was going to ask her what she meant by that when Kieran suddenly entered my line of sight, and I nearly froze at the sight of him.

To say he looked handsome was an understatement.

He was dressed in a blacked out suit that fit him snugly, the power in his build evident as his muscles flexed beneath the suit as he walked.

I inhaled his scent and breathed out slowly as it calmed my nerves, much to my surprise.

I watched as his head whipped around as he caught my scent and his eyes took me in greedily as they raked down my frame.

"You look stunning." He said.

"You don't look so bad yourself." I said with a grin.

He smiled as we walked side by side.

"Listen, if at any moment you feel uncomfortable, tell me and I'll get you out of there." Kieran said.

I nodded thankfully as I felt myself becoming nervous, but that was immediately put aside when I saw my mother.

She looked gorgeous in her sleeveless form fitting black dress that hugged her torso then cascaded down into tulle that trailed behind her.

"Mom, you look hot." I said laughing.

She laughed and smiled as she took me in.

"You look striking. There'll definitely be no question that Eric is your father. You always looked so much like him." She said.

James, Elise, and my mother took a separate car and drove ahead as we waited for Alina's date which happened to be her mate and the Beta, the second in command to Kieran.

I chuckled as a tall blonde guy ran in, adjusting his tie.

Alina smiled at the sight of him and kissed him momentarily before turning towards us.

"You must be Luna Charlotte, pleased to meet you. I am Beta Daniel." He said formally and I was a tad shocked at being addressed as Luna.

I watched as he and Kieran shook hands and hugged as if they were old friends and I didn't even notice we were walking to the car until Alina's growl broke me from my thoughts as she stared down another female.

I looked up to see the girl was dressed formally, her whole demeanor flashing brattiness and entitlement as she flipped her blonde hair.

"So you're her? Kieran's new toy." She said chuckling.

I groaned inwardly. I didn't want to deal with a jealous female right now, I had enough stress as it was.

I looked up at Kieran, anger evident in his eyes and I could see him trying not to lash out.

"I'd love to stay and chat, but Kieran's taking me to dinner. Have a nice night." I said with a smile as Kieran opened the door for me.

The girl growled and made to step towards us, but Alina walked forward growling and she fell back, thinking better than to face off with Alina.

I turned toward Kieran who was in the driver seat.

"Ex girlfriend?' I asked with a grin.

"I would never call her that. That would insinuate that at one moment I cared for her which is idiotic. " he said.

"It was a long time ago. Kieran wasn't doing well, and he used her as an outlet." Alina said quietly.

I knew what she meant immediately. He used her just for sex. Would he do that to me? He rejected me earlier, but he could always change his mind.

"I can see what you're thinking Charlotte. I would never force you to do something you do not wish to do. I did not choose you to live out my sexual fantasies. I actually want to settle down. I didn't think it was possible for me, but there is something about you that I find absolutely intriguing and all I want to do is know more about you." He said and began to drive.

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