Chapter 29

I woke up to a cooing voice as it blubbered next to me.

My heart was immediately filled with joy as Willow lay next to me in her fathers arms as Kieran held her above him in the air as she giggled down at him.

Kieran was dressed already and was in a daze as he held his daughter.

"Oh hi LoLo!" I said in her direction.

I watched as her eyes immediately shifted towards me, her face lighting up as she saw me, her startling blue eyes shining with glee as she spotted me.

I sat up, pulling the sheets up with me as I took her in my arms.

"Mama missed you. Did you have fun with your grandparents?" I said as I changed my facial expression dramatically as I stared at her.

She chuckled and I handed her to Kieran so I could shower.

I came out after a few minutes, the steam from my hot shower drafting into our room as I opened the door.

I got dressed in a simple tee and shorts and slid on my burks on and propped her on my hip as Kieran and I walked downstairs, Willow laughing as Kieran made faces a
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