Chapter 41

I gave birth to James and Eric Lupin thirteen hours after reading the letter. I named them after both their grandfathers, strong and respectable men. They both took Kieran's dark locks, and James having Kieran's hazel eyes, but Eric having stark blue eyes just as his sister, myself, and his grandfather after who he was named.

I wasted no time in getting back into shape, two weeks after having the twins I was up and training hard as ever.

I took in a breath as I threw my last punch at the bag that hung on the tree outside our house, the bag flying off the chain and landing in the dirt feet from me.

I wanted to hurt that bitch so bad that it infuriated me every time I trained. Especially since the council would be visiting us at any moment to organize the Challenge.

I turned, walking inside with my gloves still on, stopping when I saw Kieran standing, eyes blazing as he stared at the kitchen were James and Elise sat with my mother who both held their grandsons as James spoke.

I turne
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Ava Wolf
Wait… she lost a pup? There seems to be a lot of missed chapters in this story ...

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