Change of Plans

Brooding, I stare at Ralph.

He may be the King, but his power is limited here among so many humans. And I'm going to make good use of that. I shift my attention to my mate, who looks at me dreamily. She is still in the haze of the bliss I gave her a few minutes ago. And this is the moment when I get everything done, as long as I keep her happy, there will be no resistance from her side to the plans I have with her. Marking her is on top of my list, she is a gorgeous woman and some men are starting to demand her attention. And I have to reassure Ink as well.

Once the servant has placed everything on the table, my mother-in-law takes the plates to scoop up for everyone. A family tradition she insisted on continuing. The oldest woman in the house always makes sure everyone is fed. I let her have her way, wanting to also keep her happy. But I was firm in my refusal that she would cook for everyone, given her age I didn't want her standing by the hot fire st
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