Her Beast Comes Out On A Full Moon

Claire tossed and turned on her bed, it was exactly 12:00am on the dot. She clutched her stomach tightly, fighting back a groan as she felt a deep insatiable hunger in the pit of her belly. She knows what this means, it was a familiar feeling she felt every full moon. What made it different was when she was in the Night Walker Pack, she didn't wait this long to feed it. As soon as the full moon comes out, she's already out for a feed.

But in this case, it was different. After Robert had told on Claire and Elena, her mates were beginning to lose their trust in her. She wasn't allowed to go anywhere without their permission. At this moment, she really wished she was at her former pack, things would have been more easier.

She felt her gums begin to itch as her teeth elongate into fangs and her fingers grew longer. She gasped as her skin became pale white and her eyes turned a deep shade of black. Her sense of hearing became high and she could hear the bloodstreams of the people in the
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