I went back home after having one of the tiring days of my life. My back hurts from sitting all day. Even my ass hurts.

But even though I was tired, I still chose to go to my sister's condo, which is close to the hospital where she works. She is currently an intern as a Neurosurgeon.

I'm sure she just finished work today too. We haven't talked for a long time because we are both busy. I miss bonding with her even though it's only been two years since I let her into my life.

Ever since I lost my memory, I didn't let anyone who introduced themselves to me as a family get close to me. Because my heart says otherwise. It's like I didn't really know them even though they say they are my family. Fritz was the first one I let to be close to me.

Mom and dad, I was not really sure about them. Something inside me doubts that I will let them into my life. That's why when I was slowly recovering from the long period of being comatose, I talked to Ev to find me a place where I could live. Although
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