30th January 2020

The Crown prince approached me today. I'd just finished another fight with Olson about him and he came to me.

He asked what I was doing when I was obviously reading one of my favourite books. I ignored him and rolled his eyes.

"I really love him Prestine, I know I am not in the position to love a citizen of Dullard and a man at that but I just love him so much and I can not lose him" He said kneeling beside me on my reading table.

"Why are you telling me this?" I asked.

"Because I can't keep ignoring the glares you keep throwing my way and the arguments you keep having with Olson, it's affecting our relationship" He said.

"Then why is he not breaking up with you yet?" I asked rolling my eyes and closing the book.

"Because we love each other too much and we can't lose each other no matter how much we try to ignore it.. I will do every thing to protect your brother and you.. all you have to do is trust" The Crown prince said.

"You're going to hurt him and I will end up
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