Chapter 13 Are You Pregnant?

Sterling returned to the clinic and got back to work. Brendan clenched his fists tightly and pried open the fence eagerly to enter the backyard. He then made his way to Deirdre in a rage.

Deirdre was enjoying the treat by herself. When she sensed the commotion, she was under the assumption that Sterling was approaching her again. “Why are you back? The cake does taste good indeed, and it’s even better than the one before. Would you like a bite?”

She held the cake in her hand, her lips stained with cream. Brendan could not help making blind conjectures and wondering if Deirdre was kindly inviting Sterling to taste her lips.

‘Has their relationship already progressed to that base?’

Brendan could not stand watching anymore, so he raised his hand abruptly and slapped the dessert off Deirdre’s hands.

Deirdre was stunned by the unexpected violent force that knocked over the dessert and then heard the devil-like voice that came from above her saying, “Deirdre McKinnon, you’re really good at hiding.”

Deirdre’s face turned ghastly pale with a tinge of anger.

“Sterling…” She held up the hem of her outfit and got up from the rope swing abruptly. She could not stop her body from shaking as those nightmarish scenes flashed past her mind, and her face turned pale with fear. “Where is Sterling? I’m going to get him…”

She had just taken two steps when Brendan grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her to him. He said in contempt, “Why are you still putting up a front, Deirdre? You should put an end to this, even if it’s just a trick.”

Deirdre struggled but had no idea how she gathered the strength to shove away Brendan abruptly. “Go away!”

She lost her balance and stumbled to the ground as well at the impact. Her expression was filled with fear, and she was fumbling around before she picked up a tree branch and pointed it straight at Brendan. “Go away now, or I’ll call the police.”

The tree branch was utterly useless, yet the sight of the woman’s fearful and anxious expression, as well as the confusion that stemmed from her loss of sight, vexed and annoyed Brendan.

He was annoyed that Deirdre treated him in a completely different manner compared to Sterling.

‘Who does he do to make her think about him at all times?’

“Deirdre, do you think that you’re some young beauty? It’s already considered very nice of me that I was willing to take two glances at you in your current state!” Brendan clutched her hands with ease. “I want my child back. Where is the child? Where are you hiding our child? Don’t tell me that you’re making that man raise my child!”


Deirdre stopped struggling and felt her head spinning. ‘You still have the nerve to bring that up! It has been a year, yet you’re still trying to criticize me!

‘You’re disgusting!’

Deirdre had actually begun gagging and wondered if it was because she was too emotional.

Brendan’s expression turned unpleasant instantly. “Are you pregnant?”

‘It has been a year, so it’s clear as day whose child it is if she is pregnant.’

“Come with me. We’re going to the hospital for a check-up!” Brendan’s veins bulged up, and he grabbed Deirdre’s arm in an attempt to pull her into his car.

‘I will make her suffer if she has betrayed me!’

“What are you doing!”

An anxious voice was heard behind them. Before Brendan could respond, Sterling threw a punch at his face.

Brendan leaned back for a moment at the jolt of pain. The corner of his lips was bleeding, so he wiped away the blood before he reached for Deirdre again. Deirdre dodged in a haste, as if she could sense that, and hid behind Sterling.

Brendan’s expression turned solemn, and he was staring straight at Sterling with his dark pupils.

‘How can she be attracted to such a man? She must be blind.’

Sterling was furious. He was stunned for a moment as he saw Brendan’s face clearly.

It would be very difficult for someone not to remember a man like Brendan, who stood out amongst others. He realized almost instantaneously that Brendan was the man who had come and left in a haste a few days ago.

However, he had not expected that the man would actually be affiliated with Deirdre.

His gaze turned ice-cold instantly. “You’re no man if you force a weak, disabled woman against her will.”

Brendan’s lip was still hurting, yet he could not conceal the burning anger in his heart. He glared at Deirdre closely and soon sneered abruptly. “You seem to be very motivated to protect Deirdre, yet are you aware of our relationship?”

Deirdre was stunned. “No…”

“She was my mistress two years ago!”

All of a sudden, Deirdre felt as if she had been stabbed in the chest.

‘Mistress? We were legally married. Brendan, you won’t even acknowledge me as your ex-wife, huh?’

Deirdre felt the urge to cry and batted her empty-looking eyelids as she clutched Sterling’s hem a little tighter.

Brendan spoke in a harsh tone on purpose, “Deirdre spared no effort to get herself laid four years ago and ran away while she was pregnant with my child. Don’t I deserve to have a discussion with her? Oh right, you did not see Deirdre kneeling on the ground, begging me to let her keep my baby a few years ago.”

Sterling was infuriated by Brendan’s mocking, insulting remarks. “You!”

“Don’t, Sterling!” Deirdre’s eyes were red, but she could not shed a tear. She clutched Sterling’s arm tightly and said, “Don’t fight with him. Let him go. Just let him go!”

Sterling could feel her body shaking and could tell that she was having an emotional breakdown. He clenched his teeth tightly and glared at Brendan. Meanwhile, the phone in Brendan’s pocket rang. He took a glance at it before looking back at Deirdre.

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