Chapter 40 She Doesn’t Care About Him Anymore

Steven said in an obedient tone, “Yes, you and Ms. McKinney are family.”

Madam Brighthall nodded and then looked at the woman standing next to Steven subconsciously. “Who is this?”

Deirdre lowered her head anxiously upon hearing that; the thoughts in her head muddled.

She had not expected to meet Madam Brighthall suddenly today. It was worse that they had to meet under such circumstances. After she had lowered her head in a flurry, she realized that her face was disfigured, so Madam Brighthall would not recognize her.

“This is Ms. McKinney’s friend. She is visually impaired, and sir instructed me to take her home.”

“She can’t see, huh?” Madam Brighthall sounded sympathetic. She was at a loss for words, but she found the sight of Deirdre familiar. She could not help extending her hand to grab Deirdre’s fingers. “Girl, why are your hands so cold? You should wear warmer attire in the fall.”

She removed her scarf and wrapped it around Deirdre’s body. “Even though I’ve been wearing
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Brendan is beyond evil. Deirdre almost died and he still only cares about himself. Narcissist!!!!!!!!

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