Chapter 77 Not You! I Don’t Want You!

The man’s eyes blazed at the suggestion, but in the blink of an eye, his hesitation stopped him. “Madam Rouge told me never to take it off, sweetheart…”

“I-It’s… okay… Take it off… K-K-Kiss me…” Deirdre was slurring through a bloody foam. Her voice was quivering, but to the ears of a red-blooded man in flames, it was as if she was mewing in welcome.

She had such a mellifluous voice. A lithe body so fine that her appearance must surely reflect this even if she did not look like a literal goddess.

Besides, the mask was starting to get in his way. How could anyone enjoy this without seeing the face a woman made?

He yanked the mask away from Deirdre’s face without any reservations. “Here comes the sun, princess!”

His gleeful eyes fell upon her visage. The light in the hotel room, dim as it was, hid nothing.

He realized he had been lusting after the face of a freak. Her features, in turn, were seared into his eyes.

The man cried out and jerked away, losing control of his balance an
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