Chapter 135 Promise

“Alright…” Suppressing the bitterness in her voice, Deirdre nodded strenuously. “I’ll wait.”

She was planning to return to her room when a song filled the entire room all of a sudden.

Deirdre was stunned. She knew the song like the back of her hand because it was her ringtone.

Brendan was rather surprised as well. He pulled the drawer with a long face and saw Sterling’s name displayed on the caller ID.

Sterling had attempted to call Deirdre previously but he had stopped calling after finding out that Brendan was holding the phone without any intention of passing it back to Deirdre.

Brendan’s face turned green with rage now that Sterling was suddenly calling Deirdre for no apparent reason.

Deirdre did not have the courage to act rashly. Her hands were tightly clenched, and she suppressed all hope as she asked, “Is my phone ringing?”

Brendan narrowed his eyes and inquired closely without answering her question, “Whose call are you looking forward to picking up?”

He suppressed
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