Chapter 208 I’m Going to Marry You

Brendan could not have forgotten about that, nor would he allow himself to.

Charlene had risked her life to save him from the fire that year, so he owed his life to her.

“I will honor my promise.” After a long while, Brendan’s gaze dimmed, and he said in a dreary tone, “However, now is not the time. Deirdre went to prison because of us and has not only lost her eyes but the person that she cares about the most, her mother. I must give her another reason to live.”

He turned his flawless, gorgeous face to the side. His expression was overwhelmed with emotions. “I want to atone for the crime we committed in the past.”

“Bu…” Charlene’s lips trembled, and her breathing quickened.

‘Atone for the crime we committed in the past?’ The remark sounded dignified and sensible, yet Charlene knew that Brendan would not have minded if he really did not care about Deirdre. ‘Does that mean that he has really fallen in love with her?’

Her chest was boiling with uneasiness, and she clenched her t
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