Chapter 227 I Won’t Disappoint You Again

“No, I want something longer.” Brendan insisted with a frown, obviously not taking no for an answer. He came up with a hasty excuse too. “She might catch a cold if it’s too short.”

Deirdre almost never stepped out of the house, but still… He was far from the only man at home. What about Dr. Ginger? Sam? They were around her all the time. This dress would leave her legs exposed and he really, really hated how that imagery made him feel.

Laia let out an awkward chuckle. “Oh, my bad for… neglecting that very important fact. How about this one?”

“The neckline is too low.”

“This one?”

“Her back would be exposed.”

In the end, Deirdre felt her way to a white fur coat. Laia’s eyes twinkled, as she had just had a good idea. “I’ve got this skin-tight black dress that is just perfect for her. She won’t feel cold, and it’s—”

‘Conservative. It covers every inch of her so that there is nothing left to be seen!’

Laia stopped herself before she could say those words aloud. Instead, she change
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