Chapter 289 Forced to Death by Him

“Who did it? When was it?”

Sam narrowed his eyes. “The day before Miss McKinnon was jailed. It was also the day you kicked Mrs. McKinnon out of the yard. After she was kicked out, a car came and took her to a mental hospital. The video was also released that day. Perhaps… Miss McKinnon saw it…”

Brendan’s mind went blank. He suddenly recalled the phone call from Deirdre that day. For the first time, she had hysterically and desperately bawled that he was forcing her.

At the time, he had reacted with a sneer. He had thought Deirdre was trying to gain his sympathy because he had just taken back everything he had given to her.

She had eventually agreed to be jailed. And he had thought that she had been reluctant to part with the luxurious life. Instead, her mother had been suffering.

She had done it willingly, and he had never forced her. However, he had never thought that someone else might be forcing her.

At that moment, Brendan regretted it. As he thought of his condescending atti
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