Chapter 342 He Told Me to Wait for Him

”Yikes, yikes!” Eilis said in astonishment while she ate her oatmeal, “An influential person like him is injured? How did that happen? Aren’t influential people like them constantly being protected by bodyguards? It’s not some cancer, right?”

Deirdre was stunned and felt her heart wrench in pain. She laughed at how silly she was in her heart and kept her head lowered to consume the oatmeal.

The news report was replaced by something else, and Eilis was having a delightful time watching the entertainment news.

Deirdre washed her face and grabbed her gardening tools before she said, “I’m heading to the yard.”

It had been a long time since she had done gardening. Due to the snow, there was nothing much for her to do, yet she could not allow herself to remain idle. She would need to find something to do because it was the only way she could stop herself from thinking and asking.

Eilis knew Deirdre’s personality very well, so she concerningly reminded Deirdre to be careful.

“Hmm, I’l
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