Chapter 480 What Is Her Relationship to Him?

Deirdre stuffed the coat into Hoyt’s hands and said calmly, “This is a gift from someone to me. However, I’m not planning on wearing it anymore because out of sight, out of mind. It would be great if you could handle it for me too. If you really think that it’s too much, you can take 70% of the sales profit and give the remaining 30% to Mrs. Cox.”

Hoyt still wanted to decline, but Deirdre said, “Just think of it as a favor to me. Will that be alright?”

Hoyt could not bring himself to decline again. He folded the coat and said softly, “However, I don’t want it. I’ll help you to sell it. You’re a girl and need some money. You can use it to buy stuff for yourself.”

Deirdre smiled but did not comment further.

She would figure out a way to get the money to Hoyt by then.

Hoyt felt his heart racing as soon as he saw her smile. He lowered his head further instantly because he had never seen a woman with such a beautiful, gentle smile. The wounds on her face that were almost scabbing over
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