Chapter 610 Everything Okay?

Joy probably sensed the enmity between these two adults. She suddenly balled her fists and bawled loudly, causing Deirdre to panic a little. “Hush, hush. Don’t cry, Little Joy. Joy is happy, isn’t she? Aunt Deirdre is here with you.”

Laura led Cillian down the stairs just in time and stepped forward, her arms outstretched. “Don’t worry, Miss McKinnon. She’s throwing another tantrum again, really.”

The child’s crying seemed to have spoiled Cillian’s good mood. Irritated, he snarled, “Can you put a cork to it already? This thing doesn’t stop crying, whether it’s day or night! And now she’s throwing a stupid fit in front of my guests? Christ! Take her upstairs! You two embarrassed me enough!”

Laura’s face turned pale. She hurriedly apologized and brought the kid with her upstairs.

Incensed, Deirdre spoke out. “Mr. King, if I may… Every child cries. It’s a very common, natural thing to do.”

“Natural?” Cillian snorted. “A boy would have been less of an emotional nuisance.”

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