Then now Mr. Marco started to leave Luis, and now it's Luis who feels things are starting to be safe again. Starting to drive his car to get away from this place, Luis was just afraid Mr. Marco came back and saw Dinda in the big bag that Luis put in his car.

After going far enough, Luis started to stop the car. Now Luis started taking Dinda out of the big bag, Luis started asking Dinda to sit in front beside him.

"Miss is now safe you don't need to worry!" said Luis.

Dinda only looked around, at this time it seemed they had gone far enough.

"Where are we now? Have we left the island?” asked Dinda.

“Right now we are still on Regen Island! But now you don't need to worry. Those people are gone, now you can get out of this bag. Just sit in the front seat with me!” explained Luis.

Currently, Dinda is still doubtful, it can be seen that Dinda still wants to continue to hide. But hearing what Luis had said to him, now Dinda looke

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