#Chapter 32 Another Murder

Sibyl growled at me as she passed, gesturing to her guards. When they were gone, I lifted the phone to my ear.

“I’m reporting this to His Majesty.”

“Wait,” I said, taking a deep breath. This wouldn’t be enough. Candido’s honor would push him to try and fix our problems with each other, not back out of the deal. “Just wait for it. Could you pick me up lunch? I’m going for a run.”

“… as you wish, Miss Hedy.”

I walked outside, dropped my bag on the stands of the running track, and broke into a run as fast as I could manage, hoping to focus on something more than my anger.

Sibyl was evil, and she was blaming me for everything that was going on with Candido. While I was happy that things weren’t going well for her with Candido, I couldn’t help but be frustrated because Candido was too honorable to back out of this marriage.

As I finished my run, I slowed to a stop several feet away from where I had left my bag.

In place of the leader of Team Gamma-2 or the guard that followed me around sch
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